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AHS graduates learn from past pain, sing for future

Updated, June 8: In the dusky sun of a June midafternoon, 321 Arlington High School seniors graduated amid a mix of words expressing sadness from the year gone by and hope for what is to come.

Catherine MalatestaMalatesta

"This year the AHS community was touched by many losses," Principal Matthew Janger told those gathered at Peirce Field on Saturday, June 4. "We mourned the deaths of two students, Catherine J. Malatesta, a senior, and Jeremy Kremer-McNeil, a sophomore. In addition, we mourned the untimely death of Katherine Wall, a coach, educator and recent graduate of AHS."

Then the Madrigal Singers lent their voices to help listeners feel beyond the pain of loss, rendering "Somewhere (There's a Place for Us)," from West Side Story. Maddy Kitchen, who leads the choral group, wrote that "when Catherine was in the group last year, they sang this piece all together. They sang this song in her memory."

There was the joy of achievement, the random humor and the inevitable advice delivered in speeches by students and a teacher.

Five graduation addresses >>

Watch on ACMi >>

There were these overarching words about Malatesta:

"Catherine, who recently lost a courageous battle to cancer, was a member of the senior class of 2016. Catherine was an exuberant and involved member of the AHS community. Not only was Catherine a committed honors student but also she passionately participated in many activities at AHS and, in particular, was Captain of the Field Hockey team, rowed on the Arlington-Belmont varsity crew team, sang in the Madrigals, acted in the winter musical production and was voted president of our Student Council.

"Her greatest passion was on stage with her Madrigal family and her winter musical cast.

"Catherine’s family has founded the Catherine J. Malatesta Scholarship fund to award to two seniors at senior awards night whose experience at AHS closely mirrors Catherine’s tenure here ....

"Catherine’s eternal optimism and hope amidst her brave and difficult struggle with cancer has touched our community deeply and many groups have joined in fund-raising to support the fight against cancer. Catherine’s spirit has also inspired many to work toward her vision of a truly inclusive high school community. Catherine’s legacy is bringing many groups together."

Commencement program

During the tradition processional, the class entered, followed by presentation of colors by the Arlington Police Department Honor Guard and the playing of the National Anthem by the Arlington High School Band, directed by John DiTomaso.

Master of Ceremonies Robert DiLoreto, dean of Fusco House, welcomed all, including Dr. Kathleen M. Bodie, superintendent of schools, and Dr. Matthew I. Janger, principal.

Antranig Kechejian, 2016 class secretary, introduced the appreciation awards. The program was as follows:

Community Recognition: Jennifer Susse, chair, Arlington School Committee;

Class Achievements: Dr. Bodie;

Faculty Speaker: Justin Bourassa, introduced by Alexander Franzosa, vice president of the class of 2016;

Remarks: Vignesh Chockalingam, president of the Student Council;

Honors speaker: Alice Tracey;

Honors speaker: George West, president of the class of 2016;

Catherine J. Malatesta Remembrance: Dr. Janger and the AHS Madrigal Choir;

Presentation of diplomas: Dr. Janger and Dr. Susse;

Presentation of class gift and conclusion: West.

Readers: Veronica Tivnan, dean, Downs House; William McCarthy, vice principal:

Diploma assistants: Susan Briggs and Danielle Rakowsky;

Graduation coordinators: Joanna Begin and Nicole Read;

Sound: Ryan Yorck;

Bag piper: Rob Eagan;

Elementary and middle school: Laura McGowan, Thompson School;

Faculty appreciation awards: Laura Morello, Hardy School; Jeanne Wall, Bishop School; Janelle Ricciuti, Stratton School; Jill Connor, Dallin School; Nicole Feroleto, Brackett School; Christina Perkowski, Peirce School; Brandon Bage, Ottoson Middle School.

Members of the class of 2016 plus faculty and staff >> 

Night of honors, scholarships at Arlington High

On Awards Night at Arlington High School, held Thursday, June 2, the following students were recognized with scholarships and honors:

AFL CIO Local 17: Julie Foran

Amy Walsh Memorial Scholarship: Daniel Slebodnick

Ann Rosalie Pierce Scholarship: Peter Ammondson Michaela Bassett, Anthony Burns II, Kate Carr, Grace Carter, Vignesh Chockalingam, Peter Clifford, Alec Coleman, Michaela Farmer, Austin Flajnik, Jackson Foster, Max Fox-Jurkowitz, Daniel Gallini, Benjamin Gould, Daniel Hallice, Sarkis Kavlakian, Steven Liakos, Alan Medina, Alanna Ogilvie, Kayla Pieroni, Elias Sachs, Laura Shea, Olivia Sorenson, Nicholas Streit, Kriti Tamang,Gina Tarantino, Marissa Tashjian, Andrew Thomas, India Tonkin, Cameron Tripp, Victoria Tse

Anthony G. Raduazzo Memorial Scholarship: Anne Higgins

Arlington Boys' Youth Lacrosse Scholarship: Sean Foran, Jeffrey Gorman

Arlington Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Steven Liakos

Arlington Education Association Scholarship: Sara Murphy

Arlington Girls' Youth Lacrosse Scholarshiphip: Caitlin Conneely, Emma Curtis

Arlington Lions Club Health Care Scholarship: Manjot Kaurial

Arlington Soccer Club/Sam Oliver Memorial: James Bauer, Maura Doherty, Max Fox-Jurkowitz, Erin Jigarjian, Emma Maxtutis, Stefan Rookwood

Arlington Sons of Italy Scholarship: Michaela Bassett, Alexander Gera

Armstrong Family Scholarship: Kerry Liu

Art Coughlin Holovak-Logan Memorial Scholarship: Margaret Ammondson, Clark Ewen

Bertagna Memorial Scholarship: Ysabela Campbell-Breen, Sean Foran, Jeffrey Gorman, Laura Shea

Betty Fiorenza Memorial Scholarship: Grace Jenkins

Bob Havern AHS 1967 Scholarship: Marcus Messuri

Brackett PTO Scholarship: Caroline Flynn, Alexander Franzosa

Catherine Brescia Memorial Scholarship: Caroline Flynn

Catherine J. Malatesta PAPA Scholarship: Cora Flanagan

Catherine J. Malatesta Scholarship: Peter Clifford, Cora Flanagan

Class of 1930 Scholarship: Ronaldo Gjiknuri

Class of 1955: Julia Shenefield

Dr. Robert A. Provost Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Michael Dillon

E. Nelson Blake Book Award: Ian Bernardin, Vignesh Chockalingam, Maura Doherty, Kiran Gite, Benjamin Gould,
Galen Hall, Erin O’Brien, Samuel O’Keefe, Andrew Peterson, Ashley Wicks

East Cambridge Savings Bank Scholarship: Margaret Kelly, Paolo Wolfsdorf

Ed Burns Scholar Athlete Scholarship: Clark Ewen, Kendra Griesman

Edward A. Bailey Scholarship: Rachel Bowler, Ysabela Campbell-Breen, Maura Doherty, Caroline Flynn, Daniel Gallini, Ronaldo Gjiknuri, Lauren Hourican, Aditi Joglekar, Abhishek Khanal, Kerry Liu, Patrick McCune, Cormac Paterson, Daniel Slebodnick, Yuran Tsuchida, Andrew Ward

Ellen E. Sweeney Scholarship: Erin Davies

Felicia M. DeLorenzo Scholarship: Ian Bernardin, Kathryn Brennan, Maura Doherty, Elizabeth Donham, Katya Donovan, Alexander Franzosa, Addis Gunst, Daniel Hallice, Lauren Hourican, Marguerite Kaminski, Nicholas Kaminski, Kerry Liu, Tenzin Nanglo, Samuel O’Keefe, Paige Riley, Aaron Seibring, Read Stone, Victoria Tse, Nathan Werst, George West, Ashley Wicks, Rongfang Zou

Frank Roberts Memorial Scholarship: Madeline Goldstein

Griff Strong Scholarship: Maura Doherty, Kerry Liu

Harry Haroutunian Scholarship: Alexander Schramm von Blucher

Harry Jean Scholarship: Faolan Coogan Pluck, Kendra Griesman

Henry Ottoson Memorial Scholarship: Rebecca Choi

James A. Leverone Scholarship: Bridget Kiejna, James Marifiote

Joan Flanagan/Hardy PTO Scholarship: Kayla Pieroni, Connor Wells

Joan Gallagher Scholarship: Julia Shenefield

John C. Arnold Memorial Scholarship: Minerva Veeser-Bobea

John Cinkala Community Arts Leadership: Julie Foran

John L. Asinari Memorial Scholarship: Emma Curtis, Sara Gutierrez, Erin 
Jigarjian, Marguerite Kaminski, Isabella Pajevic

Joseph J. Keating Jr. Scholarship: Kate Carr, Benjamin Gould

Karl Kaprelan Memorial Scholarship: Grace Hoglund

Katherine Wall Memorial Scholarship: Margaret Kelly, Ashley Malone

Kathleen Crawley Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Chaves

Kenvin J. Fitzgerald Scholarship – Cambridge Savings Charitable Foundation: Cora Flanagan, Kerry Liu

Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration Committee Scholarship: Noelani Ramos

Mary Lou Serra Sheehan Scholarship: Anya Casieri

Mass Elks Scholarship: Erin Ay, Nathan Werst

Mount Auburn Hosptial Nursing Scholarship: Maura Doherty

Muthiah Sisters Scholarship: Vignesh Chockalingam, Ashley Wicks

National Merit Scholarship: Kiran Gite, Galen Hall

National Merit Scholarship Tufts School: Ashley Wicks

Nicholas Iacuzio Memorial Scholarship: Liam Durant, Kiran Gite, Tenzin Nanglo, Cormac Paterson

PAPA Scholarship: Rebecca Choi, Lukuan Peng, Laura Schoonmaker

Pasquale Tassone Scholarship: Michael Morrissette

Pearl Wilmarth Beals Scholarship: Bridget Kiejna

Peirce PTO/Alanna DeMella Scholarship: Andrea Garcia

Principal's Scholarship: Alice Tracey, George West

Professor & Mrs. Takaji Matsushima Award: Jacikelis Pereira

Randall O Pass Book Award: Grace Hoglund

Robert "BOBBY" McGurl and the McGurl Family Veterans Scholarship: Trevor Stinson

Rotary Club of Arlington: Addis Gunst

Sam Nigro Charitable Scholarship Trust: Rachel Bowler, James Hassler Jr., Ashley Malone, Paula McMenimen, Cameron Tripp

Sharon Boyle Memorial Scholarship: Susannah Benn

Shoot for the Cure: Erin Davies, Yana Galina, Abhishek Khanal, Emma 
Maxtutis, Karla Meehan, Isabella Pajevic, Rongfang Zou

Symmes Arlington Hospital Nurses Alumni Scholarship: Cora Flanagan

The Dottie Maher Memorial Tennis Scholarship: Leah Lavin, Nicholas Streit

The Mary Nolan Scholarship: Michaela Farmer

The Pizzi Folundation Scholarship: Nathan Werst

Thelma Sonnichsen Family & Consumer Life Scholarship: Ashley Malone, Sara Murphy

Theresa Dooley Scholarship: Adam Cahill, Erin Flajnik

Thompson Bronze: Ashley Ales, Margaret Ammondson, Peter Ammondson, Erin Ay, Atul Banskota, Michaela Bassett, Nicki Bauman, Susannah Benn, Benjamin Berke-Halperin, Sonia Boonstra, Rachel Bowler, Anthony Burns II, Adam Cahill, Ysabela Campbell-Breen, Grace Carter, Anya Casieri, Jackson Cedrone, Rebecca Choi, Peter Clifford, Alec Coleman, Caitlin Conneely, Faolan Coogan Pluck, Nicolas Cuervo-Torello, Emma Curtis, Samuel Cutler, Alfred Dao, William Davey, Erin Davies, Melanie Davis-Kay, Samantha Dearing, Michael Dillon, Elizabeth Donham, Zachary Dumay, Liam Durant, Safia Elyounssi,
Alison Everett, Austin Flajnik, Erin Flajnik, Cora Flanagan, Caroline Flynn, Ella Folsom-Fraster, Jackson Foster, Alexander Franzosa, Yana Galina, Daniel Gallini, Andrea Garcia, Ronaldo Gjiknuri, Myles Goldstein, Addis Gunst, Grace Gutierrez, Sara Gutierrez, Daniel Hallice, James Hassler Jr., Anne Higgins, Grace Hoglund, Lauren Hourican, Grace Jenkins, Aditi Joglekar, Megan Jones, Lisette Kalil, Marguerite Kaminski, Nicholas Kaminski, Manjot Kaur, Sarkis Kavlakian, Ann Keller, Courtney Kelly, Margaret Kelly, Abhishek Khanal, Bridget Kiejna, Katerina Koch, Louisa Kuper, Tess Lavalley, Leah Lavin, Steven Liakos, Elisha Lion, Kerry Liu, Jenna Lowe, Jason Maier, Ashley Malone, Alexander Mangelli, James Marifiote, Emma Maxtutis, Patrick McCune, Jennifer McDonnell, Paula McMenimen, Alan Medina, Karla Meehan,Marcus Messuri, Brendan Mooney, Fiona Moseley, Sara Murphy,Tenzin Nanglo, Alanna Ogilvie, Erin Packard, Isabella Pajevic, Joanna Pantazopoulos, Arpi Parseghian, Cormac Paterson, Lukuan Peng, Kayla Pieroni, Hans Quiogue, Noelani Ramos, Melissa Rawson, Paige Riley, Olivia Rogers, Theodore Ronayne, Elias Sachs, Rami Saleh, Yuri Santos, Alexander Schramm von Blucher, Aaron Seibring, Laura Shea, Julia Shenefield, Anna Shin, Daniel Slebodnick, Caleb Snyder Di Cesare, Callie Sofis-Scheft, Mila Stanojevic, Randall Stansbury, Trevor Stinson, Paul Stokes, Nicholas Streit, Jayameena Sundar Rajan, Kriti Tamang, Gina Tarantino, Marissa Tashjian, Andrew Thomas, India Tonkin, Cameron Tripp, Victoria Tse, Samantha Wallace, Ziwei Wang, Andrew Ward, Connor Wells, Nathan Werst, Paolo Wolfsdorf, Nathaniel Wright, Tomomi Yoshida, Luke Ypsilantis, Julius Zuckerman

Thompson Gold: Ian Bernardin, Vignesh Chockalingam, Maura Doherty, Kiran Gite, Benjamin Gould, Galen Hall, Erin O’Brien, Samuel O’Keefe, Yuran Tsuchida, Ashley Wicks

Thompson Silver: James Bauer, Allison 
Candell, Kate Carr, Katya Donovan, Clark Ewen, Michaela Farmer, Max Fox-Jurkowitz, Tali 
Gorokhovsky, Kendra Griesman, Garth Hull, Lenna Iskenderian, Erin Jigarjian, Alison Jordahl, Erin 
Kirchner, Griffin Lessell, Alice Liu,
Molly Mahoney, Shivam Rastogi, Michael Reynolds, Stefan Rookwood, Laura Schoonmaker, Olivia 
Sorenson, Alice Tracey, George West, Rongfang Zou

Touchdown Club/Arthur J. McAvoy Scholarship: Molly Mahoney

Tower Mother's Club Scholarship: Jeffrey Gorman, Lauren Hourican, Alison Jordahl

Virginia Leonard Memorial Scholarship: Griffin Lessell

Vito Sammarco Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Tripp

Zonta Club Scholarship: Aditi Joglekar

This information was published Thursday, June 2, 2016, following the awards night, and updated June 8, to add ACMi link.



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