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Where AHS graduates are headed this fall

Arlington High School, rebuild design, February 2019Arlington High School rebuild design from February, as Class of 2019 headed for graduation.

UPDATED, Aug. 29: As the new school year approaches, let's take a look at the Class of 2019: A recent Arlington High School guidance report, highlighted by Select Board member Stephen W. DeCourcey at the end of the board's August meeting, offered these notes.

Applications to two- and four-year colleges have increased, with students applying to a wide variety of colleges and holding their own against high demographics and exceptionally stringent competition for admission slots.

"We are in awe of the three students whose highest-level achievement earned acceptance to three of the eight Ivy League schools," the guidance report says, "and the 10 students who challenged themselves to a new learning experience in countries throughout the world.

"We are equally touched by some of our two-year college applicants who never imagined that they would continue on to college, and by some of our career-oriented students who were pleasantly intrigued by specific training programs in which they would further their education." Some facts about the Class of 2019:

● AHS guidance counselors processed about 2,543 initial transcripts and midyear transcripts were sent to all colleges at the close of quarter two (2,231 in 2018; 2,131 in 2017; 2,338 in 2016; 2,205 in 2015; 2,116 in 2014; 2,291 in 2013; 1,767 in 2012; 1,998 in 2011; 1,595 in 2010; and 1,261 in 2009).

● Students applied to 357 colleges in 35 states, as well as Canada, Croatia, England, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Scotland.

● Students received acceptances to 276 colleges in 34 states as well as Canada, Croatia, England, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Scotland.

● Students in the Class of 2019 elected to matriculate at 131 colleges in 26 states, as well as Canada, Croatia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Scotland (United Kingdom).

● While AHS college applicants clearly prefer to attend New England Colleges (70% in 2019; 65% in 2018; 75% in 2017; 64% in 2016; 67% in 2015; 75% in 2014; 69% in 2013; 73% in 2012), Naviance statistics show there is an interest in matriculating to other geographic areas over the past 11 years, (2019, 27%; 2018, 26%; 2017, 25%; 2016, 36%; 2015, 33%; 2014, 25%; 2013, 31%; 2012, 28%; 2011, 21%; 2010, 15%; 2009, 14%; 2008, 13%; 2007, 12%). Over the past 12 years, students have also applied to and/or matriculated to colleges in a variety of countries, including Australia, Canada, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain and Slovakia.

● More than half of the four-year college applicants from AHS are enrolling in private colleges (56%), while (44%) of students are enrolling in
public colleges. The four-year private college trend may be a reflection of greater access to financial support made available through private college endowments and federal aid, as compared to the federal aid available at public colleges.

● In 2019 our two-year college applicants continue to remain in state (93%), but the number of four year college applicants are fairly even with 53% attending colleges in state and 47% attending colleges out of state. In 2018 50.2% attended four-year colleges in state and 49.8% out of state; 2017, 50% attended four-year colleges in state and 51% out of state; 2016, 53% attended four-year colleges in state with 47% attending out of state; 2015, 47% of four-year college applicants attended four-year colleges in state and 53% out of state.

● According to The Senior Survey, a self report completed by seniors in 2019, 61.3% of our students were accepted to their first-choice college, 79.5% were accepted to their first- or second-choice college, and 86.8% of our students were accepted to their first-, second- or third-choice college or university.

● Students in the Class of 2019 received overwhelming financial support from the Arlington community in scholarships, with awards totaling more than $429,650 (AHS Community and several other reported scholarships) and totaling $509,900 with Dollars for Scholars, awarded to members of the Class of 2019.

According to AHS Naviance data, college acceptance and attendance remains stable. The stability of AHS postgraduate statistics is noteworthy considering the high demographics in this age group, producing record-breaking numbers of students vying for limited admissions slots and the need to stretch incomes to fund the cost of a college education. College admissions representatives have informed high schools that competition for college slots in recent years has been exceptionally competitive throughout the country.

Link to schools

To see the schools that 2019 graduates say they plan to attend, according to the guidance department),  (in each case, the school name is followed by the state, the number of students accepted and the number planning to attend, see this link and scroll down >>  

This news listing was published Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019, and updated Aug. 29, to add a link to listings.

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