January Citizen of the Month at AHS: May Kinnamon

Principal Matt JangerJanger

The Student Council is proud to present the Arlington High School Citizen of the Month for January -- May Kinnamon.

Matthew Janger, AHS principal, wrote Feb. 5:

The Student Council is proud to announce May Kinnamon as Arlington High School’s January Citizen of the Month. May was nominated by her peers for countless reasons. She is known by her classmates to be “a kind, intelligent, and hard-working student”. We want to thank her for creating a wonderful sense of community and bringing joy to everyone around her, for taking spending countless hours of dedication giving back to her school community, for friendliness to all her peers, and just being a person “who makes me smile every time you see her”! Classmates say “she lights up the room with her positive energy.”

Thank you, May, for your constant efforts to make AHS a more positive and welcoming environment!

As January comes to an end, we will now begin accepting nominations for our February Citizen of the Month. Please take the few minutes to nominate AHS Students who:

-- Exhibit genuine care for the school as a community;

-- Take pride in and show enthusiasm for what they do;

-- Demonstrate kindness toward their peers;

-- Spread positivity and extinguish negativity.

You can submit your nominations through the google form below, or in the drop box in the media center. 

Congratulations to May, and thank you all for your nominations!

Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/5vZIVVL0vXBJDW6F3

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.