Unenrolled registered voters in Arlington lead Democrats

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Arlington, long a stronghold of Democrats has lost its edge to those who declare no particular party.

Unenrolled voter lead among those registered in town by 194 votes. In August 2011, Democrats led by 860 votes.

In Arlington as of Monday, March 31, there are 30,411 voters had registered, according to the town clerk's office. Here's how that overall number breaks down, from highest to lowest:

Unenrolled, 14,219

Democrat, 14,025

Republican, 2,054

Libertarian, 53

Green Rainbow, 46

American Independent, 5

Inter 3rd Party, 3

Pirate, 3

Green Party, 1

We the People, 1

Socialist, 1

In August 2011, the clerk's office reported these numbers among 29,007 registered voters:

Democrat, 13,786; unenrolled, 12,926; Republican, 2,155; Green Rainbow, 37

This story was published Monday, March 31, 2014.