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Town party politics

Democratic Town Committee met

Democratic logo, 2021

The next meeting of the Arlington Democratic Town Committee is scheduled via Zoom conference for 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 9. All interested Democrats are cordially invited.

If you'd like to attend, please fill out the Google form at here >> to receive the meeting link, which will be sent a couple of days before the meeting.

For more information, visit or, or call Aimee Coolidge, 781-775-5343, or Stephanie Swanson, 716-435-4153.

This news announcement was published Thursday, Aug 21, 2021.

Town Democrats to hold final forum in series

Democratic logo, 2021

The last in a three-part series of interactive forums, hosted by the Arlington Democratic Town Committee, will be held virtually from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, June 17.

Titled “Local Actions, More Voices,” the program includes a keynote message from Rep. Ayanna Presley (7th Congressional District), and presentations from panelists, Gerly Adrien (Everett city councilor and mayoral candidate) , Helena Berbano, (currently partnership and outreach director, Asian Americans Futures) and Zane Crute, (president Mystic Valley NAACP). David Whitford, nationally known journalist and Arlington resident will be the moderator.  

The forum will explore key questions including:

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Town Democrats hold 2nd forum in series

Democratic logo, 2021

The second of a three-part series of interactive forums, hosted by the Arlington Democratic Town Committee, will be held virtually Thursday, June 3, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

In these forums, Democratic activists come together to inspire and inform one another on actions they can take — at the national, state, and local levels — to help elect Democrats. Titled “Ensuring a Democratic Victory in the 2022 Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race,” the event offers speakers who include Wilnelia Rivera and Lezlie Braxton Campbell.

The former led Ayanna Pressley’s successful congressional campaign and was recently named one of the 100 most influential Bostonians by Boston Magazine. The latter is president of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. The moderator is Crystal Haynes, Emmy Award-winning journalist and member of the Arlington Human Rights Commission. 

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Town Democrats host forum on strengthening democracy

Democratic logo, 2021

Deval Patrick, 2021Deval Patrick

The Arlington Democratic Town Committee held a forum about strengthening Democracy and voting rights May 6 that featured former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and was moderated by Arlington author Steve Almond.

“Our democracy is itself broken. The way that we move ideas through debate and onto legislation is broken,” said Patrick, who addressed the importance of balancing organizing efforts at both the local and national levels. “It’s a false choice. You have to do both.”

He went on to contextualize the anxiety and despair that many Democratic voters have begun to feel in light of the political upheaval of the last four years. “That’s the way black people have been feeling for generations. Now everybody’s feeling that way.”

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Town Democrats elect delegates to state convention

Democrat logo

UPDATED, May 25: Democrats in Arlington held a caucus May 14 at the Robbins Library Community Room to elect delegates to the 2019 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

Elected were Adam Badik, Robin Bergman, Maureen Crewe, Pauline Gardiner, Adam MacNeill, Pearl Morrison, Christine O'Connell, Paul Schlichtman, Paulette Schwartz, Marlene Silva, David Swanson, Stephanie Swanson, Alice Trexler, Jordan Weinstein and Edward Witham.

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160 at Town Hall elect 36 delegates to Democrats' state convention

A Democratic wave at the Arlington caucus Feb. 10. / Stephanie Swanson photoA Democratic wave at the Arlington caucus in Town Hall Feb. 10. / Stephanie Swanson photo UPDATED, Feb. 11: A crowd of nearly 160 in Town Hall Auditorium on Saturday, Feb. 10 elected 36 delegates to the 2018 state Democratic Convention.

Almost one-third were newcomers to local Democratic politics, and 20 voters changed their registration to Democratic to participate in the caucus. 

Elected as delegates were Carole Allen, Thomas Allen, Robert Ames, Robin Bergman, Lynn Bishop, Shane Blundell, Colin Bunnell, Eric Chung, Stuart Cleinman, Maureen Crewe, Mary Cummings, Joseph Curro, Christopher Dimeo, Susan Doctrow, Anne Ehlert, Catherine Farrell, William Gardiner, Jeffrey Goldberg-Zieger, Mel Goldsipe, Amy Goldstein, Irwin Grossman, Sharon Grossman, Camilla Haase, Adele Kraus, June Lipton, Jeffrey Maxtutis, Thomas Michelman, John Page, Judson Pierce, Jennifer Roderick, Paul Schlichtman, David Swanson, Stephanie Swanson, Rieko Tanaka, Robert Tosi and Sandra Vorce.

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Possible record number of Democrats elect delegates to state convention

Democrat logo

Registered Democrats in Arlington elected 37 delegates to the 2017 state party convention, as almost 100 people came to the caucus, believed to be an Arlington record for a non-nominating event.

"The response to a Trump presidency in Arlington has served as a launch pad for Democratic activism. I've not seen this kind of enthusiasm by so many people new to politics," said Aimee Coolidge, chair of the Arlington Democrats, in a news release. "We were thrilled at the turnout for our caucus as well as the expressed interest by so many others to become involved in our work."

Elected at the Feb. 11 caucus at the Senior Center were:

Adam Badik, Sidi Belkziz, Bruce Bergman, Robin Bergman, Lynn Bishop, Shane Blundell, Colin Bunnell, Stuart Cleinman, Maureen Crewe, Mary Cummings, Gregory Dennis, Wilford Durbin, Catherine Farrell, William Gardiner, Mel Goldsipe, Deborah Goldsmith, Naomi Greenfield, David Greenwold, Pamela Hallett, Gwenyth Hooper, Christa Kelleher, Troy Lintz, Jeffrey Maxtutis, Richard McElroy, Pearl Morrison, Amy Pearsall, Maura Pfeifer, Rebecca Riccio, Mark Rosenthal, Paul Schlichtman, Nancy Strong, David Swanson, Stephanie Swanson, Alice Trexler, Jordan Weinstein, Michael Welch and Lynn Wolfsfeld.

Coolidge will serve as an ex-officio delegate. Also serving as ex-officio delegates are Patricia Deal, Heather Fowles and James DiTullio, all of whom serve on the Democratic State Committee. Alternates are Vivian Berlin, Katie Garrett and Sandra Vorce. 

The caucus was open to all Democrats who are registered or preregistered in Arlington as of the day of the caucus. Delegates were divided equally between men and women, and all ballots were written and secret. 

The convention is scheduled for Saturday, June 3, at the Tsongas Arena, Lowell. Democrats from across the state will gather to vote on the party platform, discuss issues and participate in training on party building, electoral techniques and issue-based organizing.

For more information about the caucus or the committee, contact Aimee Coolidge at 781-646-5339, visit the group's website at or visit its Facebook page at

This news announcement was published Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, and updated Feb. 17, with a news release

300 hear Healey's postelection message of support in Arlington

UPDATED, Dec. 7: An estimated 300 people, many of them supporters of Hillary Clinton who were seeking support, got it from Attorney General Maura Healey on Tuesday, Dec,. 6, at First Parish in Arlington.

Tickets to join the stand-room-only crowd ran out three days earlier, so organizers arranged to have Healey's appearance on Facebook Live

The Boston Globe headline on Dec. 7, "Healey tries to buck up disappointed Democrats," summed up the evening.

The report quotes Jenny Magdison of Arlington saying, "I have lost count of how many times I say myself during the day, 'I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe he won'."

Various media outlets were present, including, whose story focused on the president-elect's business interests. "In my view, he should not be allowed to take office until he addresses in an adequate way the conflict of interest issue," MassLive quoted Healey. "We're elected officials. We have to play by all sorts of rules. I don't think anyone in this country is above the law."

The website reported Healey was asked twice by liberal-leaning activists whether she would support a petition encouraging Electoral College electors to vote their conscience and not vote for Trump, due to the conflicts of interest and other disagreements with Trump.

Healey declined to give her position on what electors should do, it reported.

 Reported earlier: Since the presidential election, many in Arlington who worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign have been worried and anxious, a statement from Arlington4Hillary supporters says.

"A lot of us are ready for action. Either way, we know so much is at stake as President-elect Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan take charge," they write. "We know we need to find a way forward to build on and protect the progress we’ve made in our state and nation. And we need to do it together."

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey says she will give voice to many of these concerns, "particularly as over-the-line appointments have been announced by the new Republican leadership," the statement says.

Healey plans to speak at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, to help answer the questions about "what we can do and how we can take action together. She has said that when the federal government overreaches, she will be our first line of defense against illegal actions and unconstitutional campaign promises,." the statement says.

The statement was provided by Lynn Bishop, Heather Fowles, Lisa Pedulla and Hannah Simon, of Arlington4Hillary.

"There has been an overwhelming response to this event," Hannah Simon wrote Dec. 5 on the Arlington email list. "But you can watch it on Facebook Live. Here is the information (from an email I received from Maura Healey’s Committee:

"'We’re hosting a town hall meeting in Arlington with local organizers to come together with the goals of building on and protecting our progress.

"'We’ll be broadcasting it on Facebook Live and answering questions you send us on Twitter (@Maura_Healey) so join the conversation, join in our action.” 

This announcement was published Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, and updated Dec. 7.

Town Democrats elect 20 delegates to state convention

Democrat logo

Registered Democrats in Arlington have elected 20 delegates to the 2015 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

Elected at the May 19 caucus at the Arlington Senior Center were Sidi Belkziz, Lynn Bishop, Maureen Crewe, Mary Cummings, Joseph Curro, Camilla Haase, Bill Hayner, Gwenyth Hooper, Christa Kelleher, Colleen Kirby, Richard McElroy, Garfield Morrison, Pearl Morrison, Lisa Pedulla, Paul Schlichtman, Ed Schwartz, Paulette Schwartz, Hannah Simon, Susan Stamps and Alice Trexler.

Serving as ex-officio delegates are Aimee Coolidge, chair of the Arlington Democrats; Patricia Deal, Heather Fowles, Jim DiTullio and Deborah Sirotkin Butler. The last four serve on the Democratic State Committee.

The convention is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 19, at the MassMutual Center in Springfield. Democrats from across the state will gather to discuss issues and participate in training on party building, electoral techniques and issue-based organizing.

"The caucus was well attended for an off-year convention," Coolidge said. "The upcoming presidential primary has generated a high level of interest."

A total of 36 delegates could have been chosen.

For more information about the Arlington Democratic Town Committee or any of our meetings, please contact Ms. Coolidge at 781-646-5339, check out our website at, or visit our Facebook page at

For general information about the convention, contact the Democratic State Committee at 617-939-0800.

This report was published Monday, May 25, 2015.

Berwick tops Grossman among area Democratic delegates

Martha CoakleyCoakleySteve GrossmanGrossman

Donald BerwickBerwick

UPDATED, June 16: State Treasurer Steve Grossman took the Democratic race for governor at the state party’s convention Saturday, June 14, over Martha Coakley and Don Berwick, but the latter candidate topped the ticket among votes by delegates in the Fourth Middlesex District.

The former federal health-care executive received 43 votes, to 39 for Grossman and 36 for Coakley, the state attorney general in the district. Coakley has held a substantial lead in public opinion polls.

Statewide percentages showed Grossman received 35.2, Coakley 23.3, Berwick 22.1, Juliet Kayyem 12.1 percent and Joe Avellone 7, The Boston Globe reported. The top three had more than 15 percent, the number needed to be on the ballot.

Here are unofficial Fourth Middlesex numbers reported by Paul Schlichtman:

Governor: Berwick, 43; Grossman, 39; Coakley, 36; Kayyem and Avellone, both 5.

Lieutenant governor: Steve Kerrigan, 57; Mike Lake, 49; Leland Cheung, 17; James Arena-DeRosa, 5.

Attorney general: Maura Healey, 68; Warren Tolman, 59.

Treasurer: Tom Conroy 81; Barry Feingold, 25; and Deborah Goldberg, 21.

The numbers for Arlington for gubernatorial candidates were Berwick, 18; Coakley, 18; Grossman, 6, Kayyem, 2, and Avellone, 0.

For others in Arlington:

Lieutenant governor: Kerrigan, 28; Lake, 10; Cheung, 4; Arena-DeRosa, 2

Attorney general: Healey, 33; Tolman, 11

Treasurer: Conroy, 35; Feingold, 7; Goldberg, 2.

Coolidge said June 16 that Arlington has 48 delegates (36 elected plus seven ex-officio and five add-ons), with only two absent (one of the add-ons and one elected official).

May 1: Progressive jockeying among 10 Democratic candidates for top offices

This story was published Sunday, June 15, 2014, and updated the next day.

Unenrolled registered voters in Arlington lead Democrats

Democrat logoRepublican logo

Arlington, long a stronghold of Democrats has lost its edge to those who declare no particular party.

Unenrolled voter lead among those registered in town by 194 votes. In August 2011, Democrats led by 860 votes.

In Arlington as of Monday, March 31, there are 30,411 voters had registered, according to the town clerk's office. Here's how that overall number breaks down, from highest to lowest:

Unenrolled, 14,219

Democrat, 14,025

Republican, 2,054

Libertarian, 53

Green Rainbow, 46

American Independent, 5

Inter 3rd Party, 3

Pirate, 3

Green Party, 1

We the People, 1

Socialist, 1

In August 2011, the clerk's office reported these numbers among 29,007 registered voters:

Democrat, 13,786; unenrolled, 12,926; Republican, 2,155; Green Rainbow, 37

This story was published Monday, March 31, 2014.

Town Democrats elect 36 delegates to state convention

Democrat logo

More than 160 Democrats in Arlington gathered in Town Hall for a caucus Saturday, Feb. 8, and elected 36 delegates and five alternates to the state party’s 2014 endorsing convention.

"There is a very large and enthusiastic group of Arlington Democrats that is determined to keep Democratic candidates in office," town committee Chair Aimee Coolidge said, "and will work hard to that end. It was quite exciting to see new folks in town step up and become so passionately engaged in this process."

Delegates to the convention will select candidates to compete for the Democratic nominations for statewide office. The convention will be held Saturday, June 14, at the DCU Center in Worcester.

The delegates are:

Carole Allen, Chris Barry-Smith, Wesley Beal, Richard Beinecke, Sidi Belkziz, Lynn Bishop, Dana Black, Joan Black, Marc Breslow, Michael J. Brown, Mark Burstein, Maureen Crewe, Mary Cummings, Joseph Curro, Douglass Davidoff, Susan Doctrow, Catherine Farrell, Sharon Grossman, Gwenyth Hooper, Vanessa Kerr-King, Colleen Kirby, Adele Kraus, Annie LaCourt, Richard McElroy, Pearl Morrison, Brian Rehrig, Paul Schlichtman, Carroll Edward Schwartz, Paulette Schwartz, Hannah Simon, Ann Smith, Susan Stamps, Edward Starr, Mark Streitfeld, Robert Tosi Jr. and Jonathan Wallach.

Alternates are Eugene Benson, Juliana Brazile, Leba Heigham, Garfield Morrison and Mona Zeftel.

In addition, Coolidge, along with state Committeewomen Patricia Deal, Deborah Sirotkin Butler and Heather Fowles, state Sen. Kenneth Donnelly and state Rep. Sean Garballey, will serve as ex-officio delegates.

The Arlington Democratic Town Committee organized the caucus. Arlington has one of the largest delegations of Democrats in the state.

To ensure a diverse convention, the state party will complement local delegations with delegates representing youth (ages 18 to 35), minority and disabled.  Those who meet the qualifications may apply to be add-on delegates in these categories.

Applications are available by download here or by contacting the Massachusetts Democratic Party at 617-939-0800.

Completed applications must be returned to the Democratic State Committee by March 28.

For more information about the Arlington Democratic Town Committee, visit

For more information about the State Committee, visit

This story was published Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014.

Among registered town voters, Democrats, unenrolled lead

Democrat logoRepublican logo

Current voter registration figures for Arlington show Democrats continue to lead, but unenrolled are not far behind, and Republicans trail Democrats by a more than 6-to-1 margin.

Town Clerk Stephanie Lucarelli provided the following numbers on Monday, Aug. 29, among 29,007 registered voters:

Democrat: 13,786; unenrolled: 12,926; Republican: 2,155; Green Rainbow: 37

Other designations (not able to vote in primaries)

Libertarian: 78

American Independent: 10

Interdependent 3rd party: 8
Green Party USA: 4

We the People: 1

Constitution Party: 1

Socialist: 1

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