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UPDATED Feb. 28: The Arlington Historical Society has held a series of events as part of its yearly "Winter Wednesdays" programming.

These are to offer interesting historical content and an opportunity to socialize during the last month of winter, according to a recent email sent to soceity members.

Two programs were held in the Smith Building (next to the Jason Russell House, 7 Jason St.) at 1 p.m.

The first occured Feb. 14, where Town Manager Jim Feeney discussed the preservation of the town's municipal edifices. The second program, "Menotomy's Reverend Samuel Cooke and the Struggle Against Slavery," was held Wednesday, Feb. 28. Local historian Doreen Stevens is set to explore this interesting and nuanced history using examples from the Historical Society collection. 

Read more details below:

 Samuel Cooke, minister of the Northwest Parish of Cambridge (Menotomy) from 1739 to 1784, was no stranger to slavery. His Northwest Parish, also known as Menotomy, was the home to nearly a dozen enslaved people.

Cooke enlisted early in opposition to British imperial policies, denouncing them from the pulpit. In addition to sermons preached to his own congregation, Cooke was invited to speak for other occasions. One such event was an Election Day Sermon of 1770, given to the Massachusetts General Court to the likes of Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson. Along with his usual denunciation of the yoke of British tyranny, he had the temerity to call for an end to the importation of African slaves.

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This news announcement was published Thursday, Feb. 8, based on a recent email sent out to society membersIt was most recently updated Feb. 28.