Residents were able to celebrate the end of the summer season with a free classic rock performance. The Robbins Library Plug In series kicked off  its 12th season Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Town Hall.Swing Cafe

Performing was the local band The Blues Chasers

Those who attended enjoyed music from the 1950s on up, from Elvis to Boston, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Doors and Van Morrison.

Plug In, a cultural/educational series targeted to 50-plus adults, is made possible thanks to the John F. Barry and Margaret O'C. Barry Memorial Fund.

June 21, 2023:Plug In, swing indoors at Town Hall

This news announcement was published Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023, based on information from Michèle Meagher of Robbins Library. Assistant Editor Brynn O'Connor prepared it for publication.