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UPDATED Nov. 5: True Story Theater, based in Arlington, presents issues by involving the audience through "playback" -- by drawing stories from them and having actors present the stories that arise.

To celebrate its 23rd season, performances and fund-raisers have been scheduled throughout the falll these began Oct. 1, for interactive-theater lovers to enoy, in a private home.

The next one, from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 5, is virtual, open to all and available for a donation of $10 or more per person.

According to its recent email annoucnement, True Story Theater plans to continue "to give space to and honor the experiences of people in the community whose voices need to be heard, using interactive theatre to build empathy and understanding." This, the group says, has recently included cancer survivors, stories of people with invisible disabilities, people with neurodivergence, and Jewish and Palestinian entrepreneurs working together to build businesses.

Each performance requires the purchase of a ticket starting at $10 or more depending on donation generosity.

General donations to the company can be made here >>

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023, based on information from True Story Theater. YourArlington Assistant Editor Brynn O'Connor prepared it for publication. It was updated Nov. 5.