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Plug in to tell your story

All of us have stories. What's yours? Would you like to be able to share it and don't know where to begin? Have you sat in your car to hear the end of a story on "The Moth' or "Risk" or "This American Life" on radio? Have you attended a live storytelling event or watched "Stories from the Stage" on WGBH and wondered if you could do that?

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 If you answered yes, I hope you will join us and Plug In to an evening of virtual storytelling on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

The theme for the evening is gratitude. Anyone living and breathing today has much to be thankful for, and usually there is a good backstory about why.

For more than 30 years, Norah Dooley, has been connecting people through the art of storytelling and shared stories. She has taught thousands of people to tell and value their stories. Norah has been a frequent participant in the Kickstand Fugitive Productions' storytelling series, and a visiting artist in Arlington Public Schools.

She will start us off with some background, followed by fun and simple exercises to prime our storytelling pumps. We'll practice our stories and then for those who wish to share their stories with fellow workshop participants, we will end the evening with an open-mic session.Norah DooleyNorah Dooley

It takes a lot of gumption to get up and tell a story.

Those who share their stories during the open mic will be entered in a raffle to receive one of three gift certificates to the Book Rack.

Here are some prompts to help explore our memories for raw material to create stories for our theme for the evening, gratitude. You could be thankful for:

  • surviving an adventure or misadventure
  • surprises
  • dependability
  • love or friendship found
  • for lost love
  • something hidden being revealed
  • something lost being found
  • a new job or a job loss
  • a new skill
  • a fresh insight 
  • success snatched from the jaws of defeat
Deadline Nov. 8 to register here >> 

Michèle Meagher

Coordinator, Plug In - a Robbins Library eventE >>

This news announcement was published Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021.




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