Paulette Schwartz of Arlington submitted this letter.

Edward MarkeyMarkey

As a longtime “senior” Arlington resident, grandparent and political activist, I am increasingly frightened by the two crises that threaten our way of life and that of the planet — the coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

We all must confront these challenges: It is increasingly clear that leadership matters more than ever. We cannot look to our president, but we can look to Sen. Ed Markey.

He has been at the forefront of questioning the Trump administration’s failure to lead on the coronavirus pandemic calling for the allocation of personal protective equipment for health care workers, improving access to coronavirus testing, fighting for paid sick leave and recurring direct cash payments to support those financially hurt by this outbreak along with student borrower relief, help for our fishermen and resources for states and cities.

Markey has been a leader in the environmental movement for decades and quickly called out the Trump Administration’s dismantling of environmental protections, recent rollbacks of environmental regulation and fuel admission standards.

With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Markey along co-wrote the Green New Deal as the path to addressing climate change as well as providing well-paying jobs to victims of economic and environmental inequality.

There are many issues where Markey has quietly led the way – including nuclear disarmament, reproductive freedom, Medicare for All, immigration and refugee rights, gun control, net neutrality and Alzheimer’s research.

We need Senator Markey’s leadership, experience and strong progressive values now more than ever. 

This letter was published  Sunday, May 3, 2020.