The following letter was submitted by Select Board member Joseph Curro Jr.:

Lenard Diggins, Select Board candidate, 2020Diggins

Juliana H. Brazile, clerk candidate, 2020Brazile

Liz Exton, School Committee candidate, 2020 photoExton

 This is a year of transition for Arlington, as we say goodbye to three dedicated public servants.

The Select Board will deeply feel the departure of Dan Dunn, who has brought a voice of reason to our proceedings and leaves a legacy that includes the successful renegotiation of the seemingly intractable Minuteman High School regional agreement. School Committee member Jennifer Susse will be remembered for her steadfast commitment to public engagement in a time of great growth and challenge for our schools. And Town Clerk Stephanie Lucarelli is to be thanked for her decades of service to our residents.

A number of people are placing themselves before the voters, seeking the chance to fill these voids. I believe the following three individuals are particularly well-suited to meet the challenges of the day.

Len Diggins is a Select Board candidate and an active Town Meeting member, who has led efforts to expand precinct meetings and create connections between the residents of the town
and their elected representatives in municipal government. He is a transportation leader at the local and regional level, and he has exercised fiduciary responsibility for billions of dollars in public spending. As a volunteer for ACMi, Len has attended more Select Board meetings than our two most junior members combined, which will serve as an advantage as he comes up to speed with the duties of the office.

Liz Exton is running for a seat on the School Committee, bringing the perspectives of a parent of young children, a professional teacher, a Town Meeting member, and an education advocate. Liz successfully pushed for full-time kindergarten teaching assistants, and she worked tirelessly for the passage of School and Town funding measures. Her experience and ability to examine issues from multiple points of view will be vital as the School Committee engages in the search for a new superintendent.

Juli Brazile is a candidatte for town clerk. It seems that everyone knows Juli, who boasts a dizzyingly long record of volunteer service ranging from major education fundraising campaigns to grassroots recycling efforts to civic engagement and outreach activities. Juli’s open and friendly demeanor accompany a commitment to customer service, and her incredible organizational skills will be needed as the town clerk’s office tackles modernization.

On Saturday, April 4, please join me in voting for Len Diggins for Select Board, Liz Exton for School Committee, and Juli Brazile for town clerk.

This letter was published Saturday, March 7.