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22 letters supporting Tosi for Select Board

The following letters to the editor were sent in support of Robert Tosi Jr., who is running for the Select Board. Letters about all candidates are welcome. Email to sprague.bob at 90 31319

Questioning resident adds support, critiques opponent

This letter is from Carl Wagner of 30 Edgehill Road, a Precinct 11 Town Meeting member:

On Saturday April 6, there is an important election, including for Town Meeting members and for Select Board.   Please vote!I'm giving my vote for Select Board to Bob Tosi Jr. because he has a long track record of working in meaningful, helpful projects and organizations all around Arlington.  He knows what works well in town and respects our history as well as those of us who live here and pay taxes now.

He'll also defend and promote our future.  He's pledged to be an independent voice for us -- the renters, homeowners and businesses.  He doesn't have ties to developers that would stand to benefit if Arlington is turned into a place like the cities to the east of us.

Bob Tosi is the underdog in this election.  Your vote for Bob on April 6 would bring help control the impact on us of enormous expenses and drastic urbanization changes that the town's officials have proposed.  Bob will find ways to save as much of Arlington as he can and keep down the burden of projects like the high school rebuild and the upcoming Prop. 2 1/2 override.Unlike Steve DeCourcey, an attorney who I believe has considerable past work connected to developers in surrounding communities, Bob Tosi has said publicly he will not accept decisions made from above that change our town negatively. 

Unelected Town officials have proposed articles that would allow for large, expensive new 'luxury condos' and tear-down houses that dwarf neighbors.  Sadly, the current members of the Select Board have taken no stand against this.Decisions that could turn us into another Cambridge, Somerville or Everett should be made more carefully, with much more input from us, the people who actually live here and pay the taxes that keep Town Hall running -- and Bob has pledged that these questions should involve us and be properly discussed in town before we're forced to change ourselves.

As for these articles that push density on us, we in Town Meeting have to vote on those those, starting April 22.  You can learn more at the website

This letter was published Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

She counts Bob as a friend

This letter is from Susan R. Doctrow of 99 Westminster Ave.:

I have known Bob Tosi for over 10 years because we are both Town Meeting members and, since his first campaign for Selectman several years ago, I have also been privileged to count him among my friends.

Even in a town so rich in volunteerism, the depth and extent of Bob’s volunteer service really does stand out as exceptional. His opinions on issues of importance to our town are well thought-out, responsible, and specific, informed by his many years of service not only on Town Meeting (31 years, since he was a college student), but also on the Finance Committee (12 years), Council on Aging Board (14 years), and many other volunteer posts too numerous to list here. (Please check his campaign website,, for more details).

Bob is widely respected, trusted, and much loved, as was so clear at his recent campaign kick-off rally. At that event, a series of friends, colleagues, and family members, each in an individual way, described the very same Bob Tosi, his commitment, generosity, open-mindedness, leadership in the community, and, above all, kindness and integrity.

Bob’s volunteer service has been focused not only on the town’sgovernment, fiscal health, and cultural assets, but also on mentoring young people and supporting vulnerable populationsincluding the hungry, those with special needs, and seniors.

Please join me on Saturday, April 6 in voting to elect Bob as our new Select Board member. He will listen to you, and hear you, and then make wise, compassionate decisions on behalf of Arlington’s residents.

This letter was published Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

 Ex-state rep adds backing

This letter is from Joe Daly, a former state representative, 37 Drake Road:

If there ever was a candidate with an impressive track record of service, it’s Bob Tosi. I have witnessed Bob in action serving seniors whether at the Arlington senior center or walking and sharing stories with local seniors in the neighborhood.

I also admire Bob’s professional work as a care manager with Minuteman Senior Services. In Bob’s earlier years he served as a Home Health Aide humbly caring for the personal care needs of his clients.

As a current board member of Arlington Housing Authority, I appreciate Bob’s commitment and work on behalf of affordable housing in Arlington. I have the privilege of knowing his parents, Bob and Camille Tosi, who have taught Bob well on how to respect his elders and serve others.

 The gospel song “If I can help somebody," comes to mind as I think about Bob as he lives each day trying to help others. Please join me in voting for Bob Tosi Jr. a selfless individual who we can all be proud to have as our Select Board member.

This letter was published Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

Appreciates quiet volunteer

This letter is from Tony Vogel of 3 Eustis St.:

We are blessed I think with two excellent candidates for the Select Board, but I am most impressed with the 30 years dedication to public service and volunteerism of Bob Tosi.

He has all the qualifications and financial acumen for the job plus an intimate knowledge of the town and its workings.

I have been a frequent volunteer in our community and have often seen Bob quietly pitching in and not seeking recognition in return.

I am very happy he is seeking this office so our town will have the benefit of his skills, knowledge, and experience.

This letter was published Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

Calls Tosi best choice

The letter is from Nancy A. White of Medford Street:

On April 6, Arlington will elect a new member to the Select Board. Now, more than ever, we need an individual who will be a representative for our children, for our seniors and for ALL of Arlington. Robert “Bob” Tosi, Jr., is the best choice.

Arlington is a wonderfully diverse community. The town is a true potpourri of ages, religious and political beliefs, gender identities and socioeconomic levels. What we do have in common is that we all are proud to call Arlington our home.

Bob is a lifelong Arlingtonian who attended the public schools and graduated from Arlington High School. His community volunteerism and accomplishments are far too numerous to list. Bob’s history of commitment includes 31 years as a Town Meeting member and 12 years on the Finance Committee. His caring reaches out to all generations through his involvement with the Council on Aging Board (14 years), the Arlington Boys & Girls Club (14 years) and the Arlington Food Pantry (17 years). His dedicated services to all of the above add up to an astonishing 88 years!

Bob is the candidate who will represent all of us well. He has the entire “package deal” of experience, intelligence and common sense. He is a person of good character; he will work for us with honesty, devotion and integrity. He is a true TOSI: Trustworthy Open Sincere Involved.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about Robert “Bob” Tosi Jr., and to address any concerns and questions you may have. Please join me on April 6 in voting for Bob Tosi for the Arlington Select Board.

This letter was published Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

Former official, 85, adds voice

This letter was submitted by Ann Mahon Powers of 256 Mountain Ave.:

I am writing to add my remarks to those in favor of the election of Bob Tosi to the Select Board of the Town of Arlington.

As a lifelong resident (85years) of the Town of Arlington and former town clerk, member of the Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting member, I have had ample time to observe Bob Tosi’s commitment to our wonderful town.

The residents of Arlington would be very fortunate to have Bob Tosi elected to serve as a member our Select Board.

This letter was published Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Ex-treasurer adds backing 

Stephen J. Gilligan, a former selectman and retired town treasurer, submitted this letter:


Family, community, service, commitment, dedication, life. -- each requires balance.

Arlington needs balance. Arlington’s Select Board needs balance. And the Board needs it so it can serve all residents equitably. Having served Arlington as your three-term Selectman and four-term Treasurer, I support Bob Tosi, and I know he’ll serve you with dedication, honesty, and balance.

Bob Tosi has balance and brings that balance to the care he gives his family and the service he gives to Arlington. Serving the needs of others through his efforts at the food pantry, for senior services, for various charitable organizations, and in delivering health management, Bob brings balanced service.

Bob Tosi will bring balance to decision-making on the Select Board. His commitment and dedication to Arlington will serve all residents with balance. No special interests, no political agenda, just dedicated service to all members of his Arlington family.

Bring balance to Arlington. Please cast your vote for Bob Tosi for Select Board Member on Saturday, April 6.

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Favors diverse opinion

Christopher Loreti of 56 Adams St., provided this letter:

Arlington’s political establishment is all for diversity—except when it comes to diversity of thought or opinion. That is why it is so important for the town to elect an independent voice to the Select Board. That is why I am asking you to join me in voting for Bob Tosi.

Bob’s service to the community is unmatched. I am particularly impressed by his commitment to groups that are often underserved in town, such as those with special needs, the poor, and the elderly. I believe Bob is the best candidate to represent all of Arlington, and give voice to all of its residents.

As a former member of the Redevelopment Board, I am gratified to see that Bob understands that the plan to rush significant zoning changes through Town Meeting next month without first establishing a coherent vision for the town’s development and without first engaging in genuine public participation is poor public policy.

Bob is also the best candidate to serve as a check on Arlington’s uncontrolled spending. Both the current members of the Select Board and the Finance Committee have shown themselves to be ineffectual in limiting budgets, resulting in continual property tax increases. The last thing the town needs is another member of the current Finance Committee moving to the Select Board.

Arlington needs a Select Board member who is not afraid to question the orthodoxies of the establishment. And it needs one who will represent the underrepresented. Bob Tosi is that person. Please vote for Bob on Saturday, April 6.

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Time for Tosi 

Carol Ryerson Greeley of 15 Temple St. wrote this letter: 

Turn on the news and the daily assault on the moral fabric of our society seems never-ending. It’s refreshing in this day and age to have a candidate like Bob Tosi who strives, through his involvement in our community, to make Arlington a better place for all of us to live. I’m voting for Bob Tosi for the Arlington Select Board, and I hope you will too on April 6.

Service – Dedication – Leadership. Words I’ve heard repeatedly over the years because of my own family’s ties to the community. When I look at the list of organizations Bob has served on over the years, it is clear to me that Bob Tosi has put service to others as the focal point of his life. I see 31 years as a Town Meeting Member, 12 years on the Finance Committee, 14 years on the Council on Aging, 29 years of involvement in his church, including as a member of the Knights of Columbus (past grand knight and president) and current President of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

As an Arlington Senior Citizen Volunteer, volunteer at the Arlington Food Pantry, The Cyrus Dallin Museum, the Housing Corporation of Arlington, a corporator and former mentor for the Arlington Boys and Girls Club, Friend of Robbins Library, member of the Arlington Land Trust, Touchdown Club, - OK, OK, you get it – Bob has positively impacted the lives of every generation in this town.

It’s no wonder in 2014 Bob was names the Community Person of the Year by the Rotary Club of Arlington. I want someone that is concerned for all Arlington’s residents, someone who is approachable, someone with proven experience, who understands the financial implications for today and tomorrow, who will ask the hard questions and most importantly, will give honest answers. I choose a man with that moral compass we’ve all been longing to support, I will be voting on April 6th for Bob Tosi – it’s Time for Tosi!

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Let's look at specific qualities 

Dick and Tricia Cullinane of Longmeadow Road. Submitted this letter: 


Sometimes you can find an individual with a number of these qualities, but it is rare that you can find someone with ALL of these qualities. Bob Tosi is that rare individual. He has all these qualities and more. He has spent decades giving his time and talents to the Arlington Community. Bob will bring a fresh and independent view to the issues and concerns that our town is currently facing.

A lifelong resident of Arlington, Bob’s experience and dedication to the people and organizations of Arlington is amazing. His knowledge and understanding of the town is evident as you look at his history of service over the years. He has been a Town Meeting member for 31 years; he served on the Finance Committee for 12 years; he has been a member of the Historical Society for 27 years; and he has been an Arlington Senior Citizen Volunteer for 29 years.

How many can say they have spent more than half their lives serving the community of Arlington! His experience and commitment extend to all generations and economic circumstances. This is evident from his involvement with the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington, the Council on Aging, the Robbins Library, the Arlington Land Trust, the Food Pantry, the Arlington Food Safety Net Committee, and the Vision 2020 Environment Committee.

Bob understands our history – where we have been as a town and where we want to be in the future. He is young, energetic, enthusiastic, well educated, and open-minded. He is a good listener and will weigh all sides of an issue before making a decision. The citizens of Arlington will be well served to elect Bob Tosi to their Select Board.

We encourage you to join us in voting for Bob to the Select Board of Arlington on Saturday, April 6.

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

A different Tosi

Michael Ruderman of 9 Alton St. provided this letter:

I want to tell you about a different Bob Tosi Jr., different from the one that many others have described. You already know him as the guy with the heart as big as the town he has loved and served his entire life. From our youth to our seniors, there isn’t anyone in Arlington whose life hasn’t already been enriched by Bob’s career of service and dedication.

The Bob I know is a man of leadership. He’s shrewd, analytical, the first one at the table with the grasp of all the facts. He’s the one who sees where the evidence is leading and the decision that it dictates. Bob applies these skills to create consensus and achieve goals as smoothly as anyone I know.

These leadership skills don’t detract from his personal and professional service to others. They enrich everything he does. And, his dedication to the well-being of all Arlingtonians is the steady compass that directs Bob’s leadership. Head and heart have never worked better together.

I know Bob as the best choice for the next member of our Select Board. He’s truly a candidate in full, for a host of reasons. Please give him your vote on April 6.

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Years of involvement

Tim Feeney of 54 Crawford St.submitted this letter:

So why do I support Bob Tosi, and why do I feel the need for him to be part of the Select Board?

I support Bob because of his years of demonstrable acts of community involvement throughout Arlington. I will highlight a few of Bob’s organization and experience.

20+ years working as a volunteer with the Arlington Senior center, Arlington Historical Society, Assoc.- Special Needs Activities & Programs (A-SNAP), along with the Elks and Knights of Columbus

He has been involved with St. Camillus and St. Agnes parishes and is the current president of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in these parishes. He has worked with the Arlington Food Pantry, and is a lifetime member of the Friends of Robbins Library. He is the chair for the Arlington Council on Aging.

These are just a few of the organizations that Bob does volunteer work for. I am tired just telling you about them, and if you add up all the years it comes to over 350 years of experience. I have personally worked with Bob on a number of occasions as he helps host a Halloween party here are the Knights for special needs individuals. It is this length and level of commitment that tells me Bob is devoted to the betterment of Arlington.

That is why I support Bob, now as to why I feel he is needed on the select board.

In Arlington over 90% of the tax base comes from residential property taxes, from about 14,600 properties. This means that even small changes in spending can be felt by the residents. With a number of articles up for a vote this year, including 15 related to zoning changes for multiunit and mixed use properties. We need a critical voice on the board who will ask the tough questions on these, and other, issues. These articles have long ranging implications on all the residents of Arlington, and I believe that Bob will be looking at the positive and negative effects for ALL residents. As someone who has attended Arlington schools, I am well aware of the importance of having a great school system and investing in that system. As a homeowner, I know the impact this spending has on my tax bill. It is this reason that we need Bob on the board, someone who will make sure that spending is tightly controlled while still providing for great schools and services to the residents of Arlington.

It is for these reasons that I will be voting for Bob Tosi for the Select Board, and I urge you to as well on April 6.

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Why I back Bob 

Marianne Comeau of 54 Fisher Road submitted this letter: 

There are a number of reasons that I support Bob Tosi for Select Board:

First, he has an extensive background in finance, both by training, professional experience, and service to the town of Arlington. He has served on the Arlington Finance Committee for 12 years and been a Town Meeting Member for 31 years, beginning as an undergraduate in college. This means he has participated in decisions on budgets and is familiar with the laws and regulations of the town. Currently, he is on the Finance Board for his church and spokesperson for the 2019 Cardinals’ Appeal Campaign.

He is a strong supporter of seniors and has served on the Council on Aging for 14 years.

Bob volunteers for the Arlington Food Pantry and has helped with the collection of the food at the Arlington Youth Consultation Center Gala. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, you will see Bob distributing Food Baskets to the needy.

Through his work, Bob has shown me the importance of giving back to others, whether it’s to young, seniors, or those with physical or other disabilities.

And finally yet importantly, Bob has been a wonderful mentor to me. Thanks to him, I am very active with youth sports and have had the privilege of coaching many young athletes. I’ve seen them succeed in both elementary and high school; many are currently succeeding in college as athletes.

To me, Bob’s experience and caring for ALL residents, no matter how old or young, makes him the better candidate for Select Board Member.

This letter was published Saturday, March 23, 2019.

 Lifelong work to improve town

This letter was written by Maureen Jackson of 55 Melrose St. in support of Robert Tosi Jr. for Select Board:

Bob Tosi has spent most of his life working to make Arlington the great town that we love.

Bob has given years of service as a volunteer to Arlington’s youth and senior population through his work in Town Meeting, as a programs volunteer to the special-needs communities, helping the Housing Corporation of Arlington, and the Boys & Girls Club. He's also served on the town's Finance Committee and its Council on Aging.

I am confident that Bob will do a great job as an Arlington Select Board member and will do his best to keep Arlington a town we can all be proud of. He will be someone you can talk to and go to with your concerns. Bob is definitely the best choice for the Select Board with his knowledge of Arlington. That is why I am asking you to vote for Bob Tosi for the Select Board on April 6.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

He will question

This letter was written by Bill Hayner of 19 Putnam Road, a member of the School Committee who is writing as a citizen:

Bob Tosi is the kind of person we need to bring a questioning voice to the Select Board.

He believes in Arlington; this can be seen by all the things he is involved in. He is a doer, not a talker. He talks softly but acts decisively. If something needs doing to help someone, old or young, Bob is there working to make it better.

Bob’s life has been dedicated to helping the elderly and the special-needs citizens of Arlington.

He is not someone who blows his horn. He will ask the tough questions. He will support our schools and the many needs of the town but will demand fiscal responsibility.

For all these and many more, I support and urge you to vote for Bob Tosi for Select Board on April 6.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Remembers from first grade

This letter was written by Frances Florencourt of 15 Belton St.:

One of my first-grade students at the Locke was Bob Tosi. The joy of the teachers, parents and students and love of learning lifted the Lockites to a level of accomplishment and cooperation difficult to match. I remember that, even then, Bob was responsible, caring, honest, inquisitive, wanting to know and committed.

Bob continued on through the Arlington Schools and developed outstanding qualities for leadership. Look at his record of service to the Arlington community over the past 31 years: Arlington Finance Committee, Historical Society, Board of Council on Aging, Touch Down Club, Mentor for Boys & Girls Club, Cyrus Dallin Museum member, Friends of Robbins Library, town meeting member and so many more. Bob's depth and breadth of service to Arlington is unmatched.

Whatever issue concerns you, Bob will work for you because he cares. That is who Bob is. A vote for Bob Tosi for Select Board on April 6th will be a vote for a great future for Arlington and for YOU.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

An early friend

This letter was written by Nancy Feeney of 54 Crawford St.:

I am pleased to support Bob Tosi for Select Board in Arlington.

I am glad I have gotten to know Bob and have always been impressed with his enthusiasm and commitment to this community. Bob was one of the first people I became friends with in town, and we were both catechism teachers at St. Agnes’ Church. He helped me have the courage needed to teach 9th graders and live out my Faith in the community. I have always admired how well Bob interacted with his students.

Bob’s passion for the town's needy is evident as he encourages students to volunteer for Arlington Housing Corporation’s annual walk and especially for the Postal Service food drive that helps stock Arlington’s Food Pantry.

Bob cares for the youth and encourages their involvement with service, not with words but as a role model. I share in this compassion. I feel confident that Bob will lead Arlington in the best interests of all residents, including our youth.

Bob Tosi has my respect and he has earned my vote. Please join me on April 6 and vote Bob Tosi into office. I thank you.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Not a typical politician

This letter was written by Joanne Morel of Lennon Road:

Bob is one in a million. He is not your typical politician. He cares about the schools, the elderly, and, most importantly, the people. He wants to be our voice. He has given so much of his time to so many organizations. It is now time for Tosi.

I have known Bob for about 40 years, since he went to Arlington High School with my daughter Lori. I know Bob through St. James Church and working at the Symmes Hospital Meals On Wheels program.

As a fellow Town Meeting Member 31 years, a member of the Council on Aging Board 14 years (who saw his positive influence and impact on the future) and seeing his presence in many other organizations, I know he will represent all of us. Bob is the epitome of a real public servant for Arlington.

As a former park commissioner for 16 years, I know Bob cares greatly about preserving the environment and making Arlington a naturally beautiful and healthy place. Through his work with the Arlington Land Trust and the Vision 2020 Environment Committee (which he helped found), he has shown his strong support for the natural world.

As the former vice president of the Peirce School PTO, I recognize his passion for education and our school system. In aiming to improve this town for all, Bob is starting with the schools because for him the kids represent Arlington’s future.

He has done a great deal to enhance Arlington’s diversity. Now, with his love for Arlington and its residents, and with our support, he will lead us to make our Arlington a town worthy of even greater respect. Join me in voting for Bob Tosi on April 6th for a seat on the Arlington Select Board.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

ACMi debate persuades

The following was written by Paul Schlichtman of 47 Mystic St., a School Committee member, writing as a citizen:

I watched the Select Board debate on ACMi last night, and it cemented my opinion that Bob Tosi Jr. is my choice in the April 6 Arlington town election. 

I have known Bob for 26 years, which means he was in Town Meeting when I moved into town. He has been part of the civic fabric for as long as I have known him. He has served on the Finance Committee and he has been a 14-year chair, member and associate member of the Arlington Council on Aging board.

Bob is one of those unheralded volunteers who do the behind-the-scenes volunteer work in town. He doesn't do it for the credit; he is one of the most altruistic folks I know.

As a School Committee member, I know that he has the fiscal background and the determination to work for funding for our schools and the Arlington High School project. He understands the heart and soul of our community is tied to how we come together for our children, and he will be a thoughtful partner when we build town budgets.

Leo Durocher once said, "Nice guys finish last." I don't believe it, and we can prove him wrong by electing Bob Tosi on April 6.

He listens to all sides

The following letter is from Ethel and Chris Doyle, 1 Richfield Road:

Please join us in electing Bob Tosi to the Arlington Select Board on April 6.

We believe that Bob will be a true representative for all of Arlington. His credentials as a dedicated public servant are well documented. Bob has participated in our local government as a Town meeting member for 31 years, as well as a member of the Finance Committee and the Arlington Land Trust.

His commitment to our youth is evident from his roles at the Arlington Boys & Girls Club and the Touchdown Club and as a catechist at St. Agnes and St. Camillus parishes.

Bob has always been a dedicated advocate for our seniors through his efforts on the Council on Aging and his own career as a care manager for Minuteman Senior Services. He is a caring supporter of those who face life challenges, proven by his work at the Arlington Food Pantry, the Arlington Housing Corp., the Food Safety Net Committee and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Bob is proud of the local character and heritage of our community, evidenced by his support of the Cyrus Dallin Museum, the Robbins Library and the Arlington Historical Society.

Bob Tosi is a caring, compassionate and intelligent man, willing to listen to all sides of an issue. He is a person of integrity, an independent voice, who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions and seek answers to them. We are proud to call Bob Tosi our friend.

The town of Arlington faces many challenging issues in the years to come. Bob Tosi will serve the Select Board with the same passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Compassion comes through

The following letter is from Maureen Crewe of Brunswick Road:

I met Bob many years ago while teaching catechism at the St. Agnes Confirmation Program in Arlington. Bob’s compassionate personality came through very quickly. He cares about the teens of Arlington and works very hard on his own time to educate and lead by example on how to give back to the community. Together, Bob and I organized a night out for the teachers to unify the program and share experiences.

I left the program when my youngest son, Brendan, graduated from high school. I found out that Bob continued to work in the program for five years.

Teaching catechism was in addition to Bob’s participation in many other town charities, including the Food Pantry, Arlington Historical Society, Friends of Robbins Library and the Arlington Council on Aging.

In fact, Bob has given his time and energy to so many charities in Arlington it is hard to imagine anyone else that has given more. Moreover, the dedication to Arlington’s well-being goes deeper when you think of the time given as Town Meeting Member (31 years), Arlington Finance Committee (12 years) and volunteer for Arlington Seniors (29 years).

The issues and problems of Arlington are many and have been discussed and debated for years at Town Meeting, and even daily at the Senior Center. Knowing we have someone that really understands these issues and cares about the impact choices made by the Select Board have on the people is important.

That is why I hope you join me on April 6 in voting for Bob Tosi Jr. for Select Board. He will represent you well in making the decisions which enable Arlington to be the best it can be into the 21st century.

Community work aims for inclusiveness

The following letter is from John  F.  Gibbons, board Member, A-SNAP Inc., 70  East  St., Melrose:

I  am  a  former  resident  of  Arlington  now  living  in Melrose.  I have  had  the  privilege of  knowing  Bob  Tosi  for  over 20 years through his  advocacy work  with  A-SNAP, Inc. (Association for Special  Needs  Activities  and  Programs). We serve Arlington and surrounding communities by promoting  social and recreational  activities for the  developmentally and intellectually  challenged  and  their  families.

Having worked  for  the  Minuteman  Regional  High School  for  30  years, I  have had  the pleasure  of  providing  transportation  services  for  such  groups  as LABB  etc., as well as regular and special-education students.

The  bottom  line  in  the  support  of Bob  Tosi  for  election  to  Select  Board (formerly the  Board  of  Selectman)  is  his  many  years  of  community  work and being involved in  making  every  citizen's  life  more  inclusive. Bob  Tosi's election  to the Select  Board  above  all  is  to have a  strong  advocate  for  all  special  needs persons and  their  families.

As  a lifelong  resident  of  Arlington, Bob  Tosi  has  the  experience fostering the  needs  and  advocating  on  the  major  issues  affecting  all  citizens, shown  in  his  many  years  of  community  work  on  their  behalf.

Bob can handle tough questions

The following letter is from Bob Powers of Mayflower Road:

I'm a father, a homeowner and concerned citizen of Arlington since moving here in the 1970s.

I believe that Arlington will be facing unique challenges as we move forward with the building of a new high school and license new businesses. How we address these issues will determine what type of town we may be.

How do we keep Arlington and inclusive community where there is affordable housing for working families? How do we keep Arlington a destination for young professionals to establish their roots, while assisting the elderly who struggle to stay in their homes where they raised families?

I've known Bob Tosi and his family for decades. I've witnessed Bob's commitment to public service in both the town and church. I know Bob will be an independent voice on the Select Board who will listen to the concerns of all the citizens and address the tough questions and issues with thoughtfulness and fairness. Bob's professional experience of balancing budgets and working with people make him uniquely qualified. His work on the Finance Committee and numerous town boards has been invaluable.

I know Bob as a man of integrity and fairness who will do the hard work necessary to keep Arlington on the right track. I hope you will join me and my family and supporting and electing Bob Tosi Jr. on April 6. He will get the job done. Thank you.

These letters to the editor were published Wednesday, March 13, 2019. 

Town of Arlington to LGBTQIA+ students: You belong


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Film premieres pony tale: When 2 boys went to Montreal

Tony and Jeff Whittemore head for Montreal. / 1967 family photo UPDATED April 29: In 1967 two young boys and their beloved pony took off on a monthlong adventure that brought them fame, fun and a wealth of great stories. Tony Whittemore, 11 at the time, and his brother Jeff, 9, drove a pony cart…

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