Renovated Hurd Field

Wiggins Bolles Farm

UPDATED May 25: The reshaped Walter G. Hurd Field, far left, was rededicated and reopened at a ribbon cutting with town and elected officials at 5:30 p.m.Thursday, May 25, followed by a baseball game at 6 p.m. to celebrate the reopening. At immediate left is the Wiggins Bolles Farm, from which the field grew. 


Following are excerpts from remarks written and spoken by Selectman Robert B. Walsh at the October 1986 field rededication, as reported in the program for the May 25 reopening:

" 'Wally' Hurd was the youngest of eight boys, who with their father, Herbert Sr., became known as the Hurd Family Nine. In the early 1930s (the Depression years) the Hurds with their friends literally "cut out" a baseball diamond in the pasture of the 'Wiggins Bolles' Farm.

"The field, known as Reservoir Field, became their home field, and many a Sunday afternoon you could see this field packed with hundreds upon hundreds of 'fans' rooting for their favorite town team. Rarely were the fans disappointed at the results of the game.

"Wally Hurd was acknowledged to be the best player. He was sought after by professional teams, but World War II interfered with the hopes and dreams and career pursuits. Wally was among the young men chosen to serve their country in the military along with six of the eight Hurd brothers.

"Wally's induction into the Army was unusual in that before he was accepted, he had to undergo corrective surgery at Symmes Hospital, which he eagerly volunteered to have done. In April 1943, Walter Hurd became attached to Co. F, 15th Infantry Regiment, Third Division. He saw action in Africa, Italy and Southern France. As a result of wounds sustained on Sept. 9, 1944, he was awarded the Purple Heart and a Presidential Citation. He returned to active duty on Oct. 3 and was promoted to staff sergeant for 'meritorious achievement.'

Flag and memorial at renovated Hurd Field.

"Twenty-eight days later, On Oct. 31, 1944, he was killed instantly when he was struck by a shell during an attack on a strongly fortified enemy position in southern France.

"I met with the stone cutter who worked on this memorable stone and plaque. He asked me who was Wally Hurd? Just an ordinary guy, from an ordinary family, who lived in an ordinary town, but whose life and death were sufficiently extraordinary that he should be remembered and honored as we are doing today.

"We salute Walter G. Hurd - ballplayer, soldier and hero."

This month, supporting the Walter G. Hurd Field reconstruction and rededication ceremony are Sandy Pooler, town manager, and Joseph Connelly, recreation director, as well as the Arlington Recreation Commission: Phil Lasker, chair; Scott Walker, vice chair; Leslie Mayer; Jennifer Rothenberg; and Shirley Canniff.


Welcome comments: Select Board Vice Chair John Hurd

Project comments: Leslie Mayer, Park Commission’s CPA representative, and Jen Rothenberg, Park Commission

Rededication: John Hurd, Select Board

Ribbon cutting: Town officials and participants

Game first pitch: Fifth-generation Hurd family members

AAA baseball game: Dodgers vs. Giants

About the project

The Park and Recreation Commission received CPA funding in fiscal 2022 and 2023 to renovate Hurd Field. The town contracted with Stantec for the design services and then hired Quirk Construction as the general contractor.

The final project plan was a result of input received at multiple public meetings and detailed permitting process with the Arlington Conservation Commission. The project started in the late summer of 2022, and it is reopening in May 2023.

The Hurd Field Renovation included the following:

• Grading and drainage improvements
• Irrigation
• New backstop and fencing
• New dugout area and benches
• Brand new state-of-the-art lighting system
• Premium infield mix and sod
• Perimeter walking path
• Storage sheds
• Batting cages
• Welcome plaza and dedication area with flag pole
• Parking lot security lighting and new striping
• Conservation plantings, improvements and upgrades
• Picnic tables, benches, and other site amenities

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This news announcement was published Monday, May 22, 2023, based on information from the Town of Arlington. It was updated later that day to add program background and photos provided by John Hurd.