Following rules could win raffle prize; word awaited from current winner


ACMi interview with Kozikowski

UPDATED, Nov. 30: Katie Kozikowski, Arlington's animal-control officer, reports a fresh idea to remind pet owners of their duties -- reward those who follow town canine bylaws, in contrast to punishing those who ignore the rules.

This effort is underway as the town's Park & Recreation Commission deals with issues at Menotomy Rocks Park. Read a summary of the November Town Hall hearing, which YourArlington reported exclusively, here >>

In a column published in a newsletter from A-DOG, a group of pet supporters in town, Kozikowski writes, with humor: "So here's the [pooper] scoop .... There will be a few people around town who carry raffle tickets with them."

If you get "caught" following the leash law or helping out in other ways by one of these ticket holders, you will receive one of these raffle tickets.

She offers examples: leashing your dog after off-leash hours and in the appropriate areas, picking up after your dog, assisting someone with finding their dog, picking up after other people's pets or even helping out wildlife, in a 100-percent safe manner.

"To urge you to keep doing what you are doing, there is no limit to how many tickets you can receive each month," she wrote.

What might you get in return for these good deeds?

"We have a plethora of prizes ready to go for you good deed doers," she wrote. They will be donated by Friends of A-DOG and other supporters of responsible dog ownership in Arlington and range from gifts cards to pet supplies.

The first month's prize was a $20 Whole Foods gift card donated by the company.

The last Friday of every month, Kozikowski chooses one raffle ticket and posts the number of the ticket on the Facebook pages of Arlington Animal Control and Arlington List (be sure to go on Facebook and like these pages so you know if you are a winner).

If you are a winner, you will win a prize and if you have a pet, you might be featured in A-DOG's Wags and Tags monthly newsletter.

As reported on the Arlington Animal Control Facebook page, the winning ticket number was 221106.

Waiting for winner

The winner will be announced as soon as the person comes forward. No one has yet claimed the ticket, Kozikowski said Monday, Nov. 30.

The winner has until the end of the day Thursday. If she does not hear back, another ticket will be chosen every 24 hours until a winner is found.

At its annual meeting in October, A-DOG met at the Jefferson Cutter House in Arlington Center and met Kozikowski. At the regular meeting, the group reported membership at 449, compared to 402 in 2014. Many more on our Wags and Tags mailing list, including Friends of Thorndike Dog Park, Friends of A-DOG and other supporters.

Details about Least it and ticket program here >>

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This report was published Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, and updated Nov. 30.