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Affordable-housing forum held

Arlington via Google Earth: Your Town, Your Future

The Envision 2020 Standing Committee, the Housing Plan Implementation Committee and the Housing Corporation of Arlington sponsored a forum titled “Creating Affordable Housing: Ask the Experts,” held Tuesday, Oct. 5.

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Speakers are: 

Moderators are Abhidnya Kurve, policy associate at Citizens Housing and Planning Association, and Karen Kelleher, executive director, Local Initiatives Support Corp., Boston. 

Many in Arlington believe the town needs to create more affordable housing here and want to better understand how to make that happen. This forum features four development teams, each of whom is part of a mission-driven organization that is in the business of creating, preserving, owning and operating affordable housing in Massachusetts communities.

Each team will present a case study about a project. We’ll hear about major challenges and compromises, and who and what it took to succeed.

Afterward, a moderated discussion about common themes aims to discuss ways to incorporate climate resiliency and accessibility and prioritize diversity and racial equity in affordable housing.

Those involved will also discuss what it would take to develop more affordable housing in Arlington. Finally, there will be lots of time at the end for the affordable-housing developers to field audience questions.

August-September, 2021: Where in town should future affordable housing be?

Town link to affordable-housing information

This news announcement was published Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021.



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