The sixth session of the 2023 annual Town Meeting, on Wednesday, May 10, issued a split decision on Article 12 (artificial turf), agreeing to part one and rejecting part two.

The meeting completed 47 of 72 articles, before adjourning to Monday, May 15. Here is a summary of votes on main motions:

 Steve Revilak of Precinct 1 provides notes as a public service, and the public can read details about these votes here >>

Watch the May 10 meeting on ACMi:

ACMi provides live coverage on the Government Channel (Comcast 22, RCN 614, Verizon 26) and streaming live at The locally based cable television station also typically will rebroadcast each session multiple times. 

Belmont Hill won't fund turf, 2 statements say

Town Manager Sandy Pooler issued a town alert on May 8 noting information he had received from Belmont Hill School, near Poets Corner. Read his brief memo >>

Later on May 8, Select Board member Diane Mahon posted the following titled "Poets Corner Statement" on the Arlington email list. She provided no source for it:

"Since Belmont Hill [School] began exploring the Poet's Corner opportunity more than three years ago, unfortunately many circumstances have changed. We have entered an inflationary period where[in] building costs are daunting and borrowing rates are exceptionally high.

"Simultaneously, our school continues to prioritize our East Campus project, having navigated the Belmont Planning Board process over the past year and recently received approval to proceed with our plans. While Belmont Hill [School] has pursued the Poets Corner partnership in good faith for a number of years at considerable expense, our trustees have recently decided that it would be prudent to put this project on hold for the foreseeable future.

"We want to take this chance to thank the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department, the Archdiocese and the Town of Arlington for all of the collaborative work on this partnership. We hope circumstances might allow us to reconsider this kind of investment at some point in the future."

Vision Sports Design, Poets Corner
6 amendments to Melofchik motion

Six amendments have been proposed for the Melofchik motion and have been linked in the annotated warrant under Article 12.  The moderator has prepared a composite document where readers can see all the amendments in one place.

In addition, a second substitute motion was submitted by Gene Benson and Susan Stamps.

Below is a list of the new motions and the order of debate and votes. 

Amendment, Sanjay Vakil, Precinct 12
Amendment, Andrew Greenspon, Precinct 5
Amendment, Paul Schlichtman, Precinct 9
Amendment, Janice Pagliasotti, Precinct 8
Amendment 1, Greg Dennis, Precinct 1
Amendment 2, Greg Dennis, Precinct 1
Substitute Motion, Gene Benson, Precinct 10 and Susan Stamps, Precinct 3

Order of Motions and Votes

  • introduce Melofchik Substitute Motion
  • introduce Vakil Amendment
  • introduce Greenspon Amendment
  • introduce Schlichtman Amendment
  • introduce Pagliasotti Amendment
  • introduce Dennis Amendment 1 and Dennis Amendment 2 (same 7-minute speaking slot)
  • introduce Benson-Stamps Substitute Motion
  • debate all
  • vote Vakil Amendment
  • vote Greenspon Amendment
  • vote Schlichtman Amendment
  • vote Pagliasotti Amendment
  • vote Dennis Amendment 1
  • vote Dennis Amendment 2
  • vote Melofchik Substitute Motion (as amended or not; vote to replace Main Motion)
  • vote Benson-Stamps Substitute Motion (vote to replace Main Motion)
  • if Benson-Stamps Substitute Motion becomes the Main Motion, it is susceptible of division at the Moderator's discretion; if Melofchik Substitute Motion becomes the Main Motion, it is not susceptible of division due to dependence between parts.
  • vote Main Motion (possibly in two parts if divided)

Updates to the annotated warrant (amendments, substitute motions and presentations or statements are linked at the bottom of each article in the Additional Materials section):

Article 6 – Presentation submitted by John D. Leone, Precinct 8
Article 6 – Amendment by Chris Loreti, Precinct 7
Article 6 – Presentation by Chris Loreti, Precinct 7
Article 9 – Substitute Motion, Adam Badik, Precinct 5
Article 10 – Presentation by Clean Energy Future Committee
Article 10 – Letter from Pat Hanlon, Precinct 5
 Article 12 – FAQ submitted by Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21
Article 12 – Statement from the Board of Health (handout was on the table Wed) 
Article 12 – Letter from Program for Global Public Health submitted by Robin Bergman, Precinct 12
Article 12 – Letter from Greg Dennis, Precinct 1
Article 12 – Letter from Shaw Industries submitted by Larry Slotnick, Precinct 7
Article 12 – Letter from Sierra Club of Massachusetts submitted by Beth Melofchik, Precinct 9
Article 12 – Letter re: Helihon Study, Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21
Article 12 – Letter responding to Greg Dennis, Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21
Article 12 – background on PFAS in Shaw Turf, Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21 
Article 12 – Rebuttal of PRC statement, Jordan Weinstein, Precinct 21
Article 12 – Letter, National Center for Health Research, Robin Bergman, Precinct 12
Article 12 – Statement re: Board of Health Statement, Beth Melofchik, Precinct 9
Article 12 – Letter from Christa Kelleher, Precinct 5
Article 12 – Presentation, Gene Benson Precinct 10, Susan Stamps Precinct 3 
Article 12 – AHS Rebuild-Order of Conditions per Conservation Commission, Gordon Jamieson, Precinct 12
Article 12 – Turf Committee Proposal, Town Manager
Article 12 – Chart of Committee Composition, Linda Hanson, Precinct 9
Article 12 – Flow chart for voting motions, Sanjay Newton, Precinct 10
Article 12 – Letter, Robin Bergman, Precinct 12
Article 14 – Substitute Motion, Lenard Diggins, Precinct 3
Article 29 – video by James Fleming, submitted by Vincent Baudoin, Precinct 1
Article 30 – Background Usable Open Space, Vincent Baudoin, Precinct 1
Article 30 – Memo, Claire Ricker, Director of DPCD 
Article 17 – Presentation by Larry Slotnick, Precinct 7
Article 19 – Background information, Paul Schlichtman, Precinct 9
Article 29 – Presentation by James Fleming, submitted by Vincent Baudoin, Precinct 1
Article 30 – video by James Fleming, submitted by Vincent Baudoin, Precinct 1
Article 30 – Presentation by James Fleming, submitted by Vincent Baudoin, Precinct 1
Article 30 – Statement from Chris Loreti, Precinct 7
Article 30 – Memo from Director of Inspectional Services
Article 37 - Presentation on the APS Budget
Article 37 – Arlington Public Schools FY24 Report
Article 37 – Amendment by Mark Kaepplein, Precinct 9
Article 38 – Amendment by Judith Garber, Precinct 4
Article 38 – Letter submitted by Pat Hanlon, Precinct 5 and Alham Saadat, Precinct 4
Article 38 – Presentation of the Capital Planning Committee
 Article 44 – Minuteman School Budget
Letter, Mona Mandal, Precinct 9 
Article 48 – Conservation Commission Water Bodies Report
Article 49 – Presentation submitted by Liz Exton, Precinct 13
Article 49 – Presentation, Community Preservation Act Committee
Article 49 – Letter, Elaine Crowder, Precinct 19
Article 49 – Motion to Divide, Michael Jacoby Brown, Precinct 17

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The following reports are available:

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Arlington Redevelopment Board

Select Board

Capital Planning Committee

CPA Committee

CDBG Report

Remote Participation Study Committee

Robbins Library update on ATM 2019, Article 38 

Arlington Public Schools FY24

Conservation Commission Water Bodies Report 

AHS Building Project Report

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This initial news summary was published Thursday, May 11, 2023, based on information from the Town of Arlington and YourArlington archives. It was updated May 15, to include a list of votes and a link to Revilak's detailed summary.