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Snow plan includes Reservoir dumping, out-of-town trucking

Snow plow

The town's public-works chief has laid out his snowfall plan, and it does not include dumping on an athletics field.

Mike Rademacher told selectmen Dec. 2 that snow will be moved to the parking lot at the Arlington Reservoir or trucked out of town.

Board of Selectmen logo, Jan. 23, 2013

Last February, following a blizzard, snow was dumped on a soccer field near Arlington High, and the field had to be restored last summer at a cost of $100,000. Snow used to be dumped at the former site of Symmes Hospital, but ongoing construction of the assisted-living facility has ruled that out.

This coming winter, the route the DPW director takes will depend on snow amounts: If the fall is from 3 to 10 inches, the snows goes to the Res. If it's more, then out of town it goes.

Rademacher said he working on an agreement with the town's Conservation Commission to make sure that contaminated snow is far enough from the water.

Selectmen Diane Mahon raised questions about the maintenance of "snow fighters," 10 large plows used during the worst storms, as well as the relative cost of a snow-melting machine compared to trucking snow.

What about a snow melter?

Rademacher said the cost of snow melter can range from $300,000 to $750,000. The latter melts snow as it is picked up. He said a vendor rep warned him that when considering such a purchase, make sure the melter will be used sufficiently to justify the cost.

The selectmen accepted the plan in a 5-0 vote.
Here is the full text of the Nov. 26 memo from Rademacher to Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine titled "General Snow and Ice Procedures 2013/2014":

When the Department is aware of an impending snowstorm, a decision is made to implement one of seven different operations for clearing town streets. Each operation varies in the amount of service performed and the manpower and equipment necessary to perform it.

A patrol operation (1-2) would be initiated in advance of a storm or if there was a low probability of a storm developing. A salting/pretreating operation (3-4) would be initiated if the potential for freezing conditions existed, to melt snow or ice accumulated to a depth less than approximately 1 inch or to prevent the bonding of packed snow to the pavement.

This pretreating operation will be commenced approximately 2 hours in advance of any precipitation to prevent the bonding of packed snow to the pavement.

A plowing/salting operation (5) would be initiated if a snow accumulation of approximately 1.5 inches or more exists (with total accumulation expected to exceed 2 inches). If total accumulation is expected to exceed 3 inches, a DPW and Contractor operation (6-7) would be initiated.

OPERATION 1: WatchmanlDispatcher on site

OPERATION 2: Two-Truck Patrol

OPERATION 3: Five-Truck Salting

OPERATION 4: Twelve-Truck Salting 1 snow supervisors call out

OPERATION 5: Full DPW call out

OPERATION 6: Contractor small equipment call out

OPERATION 7: Full Contractor Call Out

Snow Storage

In the event that snow accumulation is large enough to require the removal of snow from a major street, intersections or entire lengths of street shoulders, it will be handled in one of the following manners:

    * Snow removed from street corners in the vicinity of schools or business districts will be trucked to an off­site location (currently proposed to be the parking lot at the Reservoir Beach). As this site becomes full, the DPW will contract to have the snow trucked out of town for disposal.

    * Snow removed in large quantity for the purpose of clearing long stretches of road will be accomplished by outside contractors and trucked directly out of Town.

It is noted that conditions may be so unusual or unexpected that a departure from these general policies may be necessary. Therefore when conditions warrant, the Public Works director in consultation with the town manager may order a departure from these general rules when, in the opinion of the director of Public Works, conditions require such action.

Bagelville advances

In other business, the selectmen:

    -- Approved the common victualler license for Bagelville, 1398 Mass. Ave. (former site of Panera), which is due to open in January, and met its owner Sergio Goncalves;

    -- Accepted the annual report and audit for ACMi and heard John Leone, ACMi president, and Norm McLeod, ACMi executive director, say that negotiations should begin in 2014 with the town and its cable providers, whose franchise fees give the studio life;

    -- Approved the removal of the 15-minute parking sign at 1317 Mass. Ave., requested by Chuck Pappas, Swifty Printing:

    -- Approved Steven Byrne as selectman liaison, AHRC Response Coordination Team; and

    -- Approved the following appointments:

            * Zoning Board of Appeals, reappointed Pamela Heidell (term to expire 10/2014);

                * Cable Advisory Committee: John Maher, Joseph Weihs (terms to expire 5/2016); and Michael Quinn (term to expire 10/16)   

This story was published Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013, and updated the next day.

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