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UPDATED, Dec. 14: The Boston Globe's annual choices for all-scholastics fall sports include all-stars at Arlington High School and Arlington Catholic -- among many who persisted to play despite the pandemic.

Bob Bartholomew of Arlington provided information that the Globe's listing did not include.

Boys' soccer
Middlesex all-stars

AHS (Lance Yodzio, 5-1-3, Liberty Division co-champions): Ryan O'Rourke, Jan Pilja, Eric Widrick (also honorable mention).

Catholic Central

AC: Roy Cook, Aidan Daly, Ande Ferreira Dana, John Grande, Colin Keane.

Girls' soccer
Catholic Central all-stars

AC: Michelle Donahue, Mary Cate Flynn, Katherine O'Donovan.

Middlesex all-stars

AHS (Paul Austin, 7-2-1): Claire Ewen (also honorable mention), Riley McKenna, Meghan O'Sullivan, Sophie Routenberg, Sophia Saleh.

Boys' cross country

Middlesex all-stars

AHS (Kevin Richardson, 4-1, Liberty Division champions, third title in four years): Adam Boyle, Justin Eastman, Jameson Sparks

Girls' cross country
Catholic Central all-stars

AC: Maura Kirkpatrick, Erin Moran, Colleen Simmons.

Middlesex all-stars

AHS (Meagan Bassett, 3-2): Simone Harrison, Pilar Leber. 

Field hockey
Middlesex all-stars

AHS (Brianne Mansfield, 5-4-1): Grace Corsetti, Madeline Krepelka, Ava Talanian.

Catholic Central all-stars

AC: Andrew Christopher, Connor Hill, Nick Mercer, Tommy Peterson, Riley Reardon.

Middlesex all-stars

AHS (Dan Hirsch, 4-6): Matt Alesse, Lorelai Flanigan.

Volley ball
Catholic Central all-stars

AC: Kendall Fiato, Kara MacDonald, Maggie Milne, Emily Murdock, Alison O'Keefe.

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This news listing was published Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020, and updated Dec. 14, to correct a last name.