'Spooky' hunt for CSOs: Walking tour held

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Join those involved with Save the Alewife Brook are set to meet at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 16, at Arlington’s Bicentennial Park on the Alewife Greenway at the Mass. Ave. and Route 16 to go on a “spooky treasure hunt.”

Search for the elusive combined sewer overflows, or CSOs, which Somerville and Cambridge use to discharge untreated sewage in the Alewife Brook during rain storms.  

During six rain storms between July 2 and Sept. 2, Somerville and Cambridge discharged 24 million gallons of sewage-contaminated water into the Alewife Brook.

How will climate change, with its wetter weather and more dramatic storm events, affect the health of our East Arlington neighborhoods?

This is a two-part walking tour. The first part of the tour takes the group south along the Alewife Greenway path, from Mass. Ave. south to the Alewife T.

The second part covers the entire length of the Alewife Brook, from the Alewife T to the Mystic River.

The tours covers approximately two miles, but you are welcome to join us for any length of the walk. 

This news announcement was published Sunday, Oct. 10, 2021.