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UPDATED July 16: The town is preparing for the Sept. 3 state primary. According to a recent town announcement, the state has sent out ballot applications to those who were not yet registered for one.

Residents can check their current voter registration online. According to the town, this site informs users of their party or unenrolled status, polling location, and informs users if they are currently active or inactive.

Inactive voters are fully registered and eligible to vote. Inactive voters who vote in person will be asked to fill out a simple form to confirm their address. If they request to vote by mail, that confirms their address and they will be returned to active status as a voter. 

The email reminds college students who voted by mail in spring that they may need to update their mailing addresses. 

Find more information, look on the town's Elections & Voting page. Click the Vote by Mail/Early Voting header to reveal links to all pertinent forms and explanations. 

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This news announcement was published Tuesday, July 2, based on information from the town website, and will be updated subsequently as necessary later this year. It was most recently updated July 16.