UPDATED, June 6: The annual town election in 2020 has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 6, and polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

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Vote-by-mail, absentee ballots need to be delivered to drop boxes by 8 tonight. If you requested, but did not receive, a vote-by-mail or absentee ballot, you can vote today at the polls. Read full details at arlingtonma.gov/elections.

Voting results: ACMi Executive Director Norman McLeod has informed board members that ACMi has decided not to have live coverage on election night, as it has done in the past. This decision resulted from Covid-19, smaller staffing at Town Hall coupled with the mailing of ballots.

ACMi plans to track the results as they are announced and will post them on its Facebook site and the ACMi website

Full unofficial results will be posted on the town website as well as YourArlington.com.

The town clerk’s office is providing supplemental absentee voting opportunities for registered voters on Thursday, June 4, and Friday, June 5, from 1  to 5 p.m. in the Town Hall parking lot, off Academy Street (in Town Hall auditorium in case of rain). Read full details and additional election reminders at arlingtonma.gov/elections.

You should have received a ballot request form in the mail. With this request form, you can ask to receive an early voting-by-mail ballot for the town’s upcoming local election on June 6.

If you did not receive the request form, you can download it here. Polls will still be open utilizing new safety protocols, however it is encouraged that you take advantage of early voting-by-mail, so we can continue to do our part to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

As Covid-19 has pushed the town to postpone the election to June 6 and Town Meeting to June 15, some campaigns have operated virtually. They included Lynette Martyn for School Committee, Jo Anne Preston for Housing Authority and Michaiah Healy for Select Board as well as Liz Exton and Bill Hayner for School Committee. 

Note the last day to register to the annual town election was Wednesday, May 27. For complete instructions, visit arlingtonma.gov/elections.

ACMi (Arlington Community Media) is broadcasting candidates one-on-ones recorded via Zoom. Published to date are: 

Select Board

Lenard T. Diggins >> 

School Committee

Elizabeth Exton >>
Bill Hayner >> 

Town Clerk

Juliana H. Brazile >>

Housing Authority

Jo Anne Preston >>

Board of Assessors

None listed yet

ACMi (Arlington Community Media) is broadcasting debates recorded via Zoom. Published are: 

Housing Authority (1 candidate) >> School Committee >> Town clerk >> Board of Assessors >> and Select Board >>

Envision Arlington and the League of Women Voters of Arlington held a virtual forum at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 29, when the public heard plans for the election -- including vote by mail, absentee ballots and going to the polls June 6. 

As many as 103 participants had an opportunity to provide comments and suggestions. An online poll regarding voting and polling locations was conducted. Assistant Town Moderator James O’Conor moderated.

The cable-TV station has also published links to interviews with most town election candidates. See them below.

Select Board: Michaiah Healy >>
Select Board: Diane Mahon >>
Select Board: Lenard Diggins >> 
School Committee: Elizabeth Exton >>
School Committee: Bill Hayner >>
School Committee: Lynette Martyn >>
School Committee: Paul Schlichtman >>
Town Clerk: Patty Sawtelle >>
Town Clerk: Juliana Brazile >>
Town Clerk: Janice Weber: No interview listed
Board of Assessors: Errol Tashjian >>
Board of Assessors: Mary Winstanley O'Connor >>
Board of Assessor: Gordon Jamieson >>
Housing Authority: Jo Anne Preston >>
Housing Authority: Joe Daly: No interview listed 

Town Meeting candidate statements

Envision Arlington and the League of Women Voters collaborated on a first for Arlington -- an online repository for Town Meeting candidate statements. They are available here >>

Candidates' night was to be held in Town Hall Auditorium on Wednesday, March 25, but it has been canceled.  

2020 voters' guide >>

The deadline to submit all nomination papers to the registrars of voters for certification of signatures was 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18. Following that deadline, the following did not return nomination papers:

For Select Board, Sean Harrington and Joseph E. Curran; for School Committee, Richard Fields; for Housing Authority, Jordan Weinstein.

Here are the candidates, listed in the order they will appear on the ballot (* indicates incumbent):

For Select Board (two 3-year seats)

Lenard T. Diggins, 8 Windsor St.,#1 

Diane M. Mahon*, 23 Howard St. 

Michaiah Healy, 26 Howard St.

(Dan Dunn announced Dec,. 16 that he would not seek reelection. He has served since 2011. Read his further comment here >>)

For School Committee (three 3-year seats)

Elizabeth R. Exton, 231 Washington St.

Lynette Martyn, 18 Eustis St.

Paul Schlichtman*, 47 Mystic St., #8C

Bill Hayner*, 19 Putnam Road. 

(The third seat held by an incumbent is Jennifer Susse, who has decided not to see reelection.)

For Board of Assessor (one 5-year seat)

Errol Tashjian, 1 Robin Hood Road

Mary Winstanley O'Connor*, 781 Concord Turnpike

Gordon Jamieson, 163 Scituate St. 

For Town Clerk (one 3-year seat)

Juliana H. Brazile, 56 Coolidge Road

Janice A. Weber, 29 Crescent Hill Ave.

Patti J. Sawtelle, 115 College Ave. 

(Stephanie Lucarelli, the previously elected clerk has been on leave since August.)

For Housing Authority (one 5-year seat)

Joseph S. Daly*, 37 Drake Road., #202

Jo Anne Preston, 42 Mystic Lake Drive 

Candidates for Town Meeting

Precinct 1     (4) for 3 years
-Rebecca S. Persson*, 15 Fremont St.
-Leah D. Broder, 44 Michael St.
-Charles K. Hartshorne*, 11 Marrigan St.
-Khaled Aly Emadeldin, 38 Hilton St.
-Marian E. King*, 122 Decatur St.
-Nada El-Newahy, 38 Hilton St.

Precinct 1     (1) for 2 years
-Joanna Asia Kepka, 17 Silk St. 

Precinct 2     (4) for 3 years
-Bill Hayner*, 19 Putnam Rd.
-Peter M. Gast*, 36 Margaret St.
-Aimee I. Lim-Miller*, 75 Bay State Rd. 
-William J. Logan*, 5 Mary St.

Precinct 3     (4) for 3 years
-John R. Ellis*, 59 Teel St.
-Courtney Urick*, 11 Teel St.
-Kezia H. Simister*, 24 Teel St.
-Susan D. Stamps*, 39 Grafton St.
-Paula M. Jordan, 40 Windsor St.,#1

Precinct 4      (4) for 3 years
-Carolyn  Frances Sullivan*, 30 Milton St.
-Michele J. Phelan*, 135 Thorndike St.
-Katelyn M. Kerins*, 27 Fairmont St.
-Silvia Dominguez, 72 Thorndike St. 
-Alia K. Atlas*, 49 Magnolia St. 

Precinct 5      (4) for 3 years
-Sarah Caitlin Glover, 139 Franklin St.
-David F. Swanson*, 21 Dartmouth St.
-Brian C. McMurray, 4 Park Street Pl.
-Patrick M. Hanlon*, 20 Park St.
-Adam E. Badik*, 1 Beacon St.

Precinct 5     (1) for 2 years 
-Katherine E. Mayers, 68 River St.

Precinct 6        (4) for 3 years
-George J. McNinch*, 22 Whittemore St., #2
.-Laura Sosnoski Tracey*, 25 Marion Rd.
 -Jill A. Snyder*, 276 Massachusetts Ave., #305

Precinct 6       (1) for 1 year
-Charles E. Blandy, 58 Lombard Ter.,#2

Precinct 7       (4) for 3 years
-Catherine P. McParland*,  227 Broadway
-Sheri A. Baron*, 10 Raleigh St.
-Alexander G. Bagnall*, 10 Wyman St. 
-Mary Claire Malek-Odom, 19 River St.,#2

Precint 8        (4) for 3 years
-Sharon Grossman, 16 Peabody Rd.
-David Kimball Bean*, 50 Jason St.-3yrs. David Bean*, 50 Jason St. 
-David A.. Leone, Jr.  67 Bartlett Ave.
-Carol L. Band*-57 Bartlett Ave.
-John D. Leone*, 51 Irving St.
-William R. Berkowitz*, 12 Pelham Ter.
-Elizabeth H-B Dray-130 Jason St.
-Heather Michelle Barber-24 Irving St.

Precinct 9      (4) for 3 years
-A. Michael Ruderman*, 9 Alton St.
-Steven M. Liggett*, 25 Hayes St.
-Susan McCabe*, 22 Russell St. 
-Lisa S. Blankespoor*, 11 Webcowet Rd.
-Benjamin Rudick, 40 Webcowet Rd.

Precinct 10      (4) for 3 years
-Peter B. Howard*,12 Woodland St.
-Jane L. Howard*, 12 Woodland St.
-Sanjay S. Newton, 32 Ottawa Rd. 
-Christopher John Rohter, 48 Pleasant View Rd.

Precinct 11       (4) for 3 years
-Carl A. Wagner, 30 Edgehill Rd.
-Lynette Culverhouse, 29 Draper Ave.
-Meredith H. DiMola, 47 Crosby St.
-Engjellushe Kozeli Mozina, 155 Summer St.
-Robert J. Radochia* 45 Columbia Rd. 
-Ian Goodsell*, 193 Mystic St.
-Joyce H. Radochia*, 45 Columbia Rd.
-Leba Heigham*, 82 Richfield Rd.

Precinct 12      (4) for 3 years
-Caroline  H. Murray*, 95 Glenburn Rd.
-Shane M. N. Curcuru, 47 Chester St.
-Robin L. Bergman, 320 Park Ave.
-Sanjay S. Vakil, 74 Scituate St.
-Sandra L. Vorce*, 168 Cedar Ave. 
-Eric D. Helmuth*, 33 Grandview Rd.
-Lynette Martyn, 18 Eustis St.
-Juliana H. Brazile*, 56 Coolidge Rd.

Precinct 13       (4) for 3 years
-Mary A .Deyst*, 26 Upland Rd. West-3yrs. 
-David F. Good*, 37 Tomahawk-3yrs. 
-John J .Deyst, Jr.*, 26 Upland Rd. West-3yrs.

Precinct 14       (4) for 3 years
-Michaiah L. Healy, 26 Howard St.
-Richard B. Gallagher*, 29 Fessenden Rd. 
-Shawn D. Healy, 26 Howard St. 
-Wynelle Evans, 20 Orchard Pl.
-Diane M. Mahon*, 23 Howard St. 
-Mark B. Rosenthal, 62 Walnut St.
-John F. Maher*, 990 Massachusetts Ave., #44
-Guillermo S. Hamlin, 1228 Massachusetts Ave., #B

Precinct 15       (4) for 3 years
-Naomi L. Greenfield*, 169 Mountain Ave.
-Wendy Fields, 175 Overlook Rd .
-Beth Ann Friedman*, 10 Hazel Ter.
-Elizabeth R. Exton*, 231 Washington St.
-Paul L. Parise, 106 Hemlock St.
-Rachelle A. Dobbs*, 184 Brattle St.

Precinct 16      (4) for 3 years
-Carol Luddecke, 125 Park Ave.
-Christopher F. DiMeo, 124 Park Ave.
-William B. Harrelson, 27 Ashland St.
-Kevin P. Koch*, 100 Florence Ave.
-Sandra M. Mostajo, 191 Park Ave. 

Precinct 17       (4) for 3 years
-John V. Finochetti*, 55 Dudley St.
-Angela M. Olszewski*, 1 Watermill Pl., #428
-John R. Leonard*, 26 Grove St., #10
 -Xavid Pretzer, 44 Grove St.
-Amy Lynne Slutzky*, 1 Watermill Pl., #407

Precinct 18       (4) for 3 years
-Kasper Kasparian*, 285 Renfrew St.
-Heather Angelina Cooke*, 134 George St.
-Daniel W. Parmer*, 1 Brewster Rd.
-Jeffrey S. Hadden, 198 Sylvia St.
-David Levy*, 95 Rhinecliff St.

 Precinct 18      (1) for 2 years
-John Richard Donato*, 16 Homer Rd.

Precinct 19      (4) for 3 years
-Melanie C. Brown, 14 Skyline Dr.
-Elaine M. Crowder, 2 Glenbrook Ln.,#17 
-Dganit Sivan Cohen*, 43 Brand St.
-Jonathan Rabinowitz, 81 Thesda St.

Precinct 20      (4) for 3 years
-Katharine M. Radville, 106 Paul Revere Rd.
-Maureen E. Gormley, 1250 Massachusetts Ave. 
-Patricia Muldoon*, 67 Smith St.

Precinct 21       (4 ) for 3 years
-Christopher R. Rowell*, 88 Westminster Ave.
-Zarina G. Memon* 15 Sunset Rd. 
-Elizabeth  Benedikt*, 7 Morris St.
-Carmine Arthur Granucci, 16 Nourse St.
-Jordan E. Weinstein*, 23 Lennon Rd.

Town Meeting open seats

Precincts 1-21 (4) for 3 years
Precinct 1 (1) for  2 years (resignation on 2/06/2020)
Precinct 5 (1) for 2 years
Precinct 6 (1) for 1 year
Precinct 18 (1) for 2 years 

For other informartion, visit arlingtonma.gov/elections.

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This news summary and listing were published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, and updated June 6. The number of sources providing this information is too many to list.