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The crowd of colorful political signs raised high and jostling for position in the twilight in front of Town Hall on Thursday, March 20, reflected a kind of joint rally for the clutch of candidates in three Arlington races.

Inside, at Candidates' Night, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Arlington and Vision 2020, the exchanges -- which almost never rise to the level of a "debate" -- offered clues about how to vote to the estimated 150 people present on Saturday, April 5.

Here is a summary of the questions from moderator Margaret Coppe of the Lexington league and answers from nine candidates in the three contested races, published in reverse order of the actual events. Indicative of the evening's excitement, a loud sneeze punctuated Coppe's explanation of the rules, one that drew chuckles and smiles.

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Candidates' Night video broadcast

Schlichtman's transcript

This story was published Saturday, March 22, 2014, and updated the next day, as well as March 25.