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Hurd seeks reelection to Select Board

Campaign kickoff held Sunday, Feb. 28. 

John V. Hurd, 2018Hurd

UPDATED, Feb. 28: John Hurd, current Select Board chairman, is seeking reelection by citing his support for rebuilding Arlington High School, working to seek more affordable housing and aiming to make the town welcoming in the light of racism nationally.

An attorney in town for nine years, the 37-year-old hopes for a second three-year term. Also vying for two seats in the April election are Jennifer Susse and Eric Helmuth. Joseph Curro Jr. decided not to run.

"The past three years have been an incredible experience," he wrote on his campaign website. "I continue to learn from my colleagues and town residents and grow as a Select Board member each day. I am proud to represent a diverse, vibrant community, whose residents actively participate in the political process and hold their elected officials to a very high standard."

Challenges faced

He notes challenges the board has faced.

"As a community, we had to solve the problem of a crumbling high school, while maintaining fiscal stability and continuing to provide top-notch town services to residents. I am grateful to our voters for overwhelmingly choosing to invest in Arlington’s school children."

Without referring directly to the aftermath of racist statements published in October 2018, Hurd refers to "many discussions to identify racism that still exists both nationally and here in town. Town officials and staff have collaborated with experts and our residents in efforts to end racial discrimination in Arlington and ensure that we are truly a municipality where all are welcome. We have made significant progress, but there much more work to do."

Hurd cites the link between rising property values in Arlington and an affordable-housing crisis here. "Almost universally, officials and residents have expressed a commitment to take action to increase affordable housing," he writes on his website. "We have engaged in an ongoing effort to review zoning bylaws to identify common-sense changes that will help to realize this important goal. In the next year, we will take action to break down barriers to affordable housing and support diversity in Arlington."

Amid these challenges, town officials have addressed the global pandemic. Hurd expresses pride about "the way Arlington coalesced in response to Covid-19 to ensure that the town remains a safe place to live."

Viewing future

Looking ahead, Hurd points to uncertainty about future revenue, requiring "creative ways to maintain fiscal stability and honor the commitments we made to our school-aged children and seniors."

He adds that he looks forward to addressing ongoing efforts to modernize the transportation infrastructure and protect town open spaces.

He is the only candidate for Select Board with children (two) attending Arlington Public Schools.

Hurd is a member of a well-known Arlington family. His father, Jack, served on the Board of Selectmen from 1997 to 2011, and Franklin Hurd Jr. was executive director of the Housing Authority.

In 2019, the Select Board recognized the family. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum noted that the Hurd Family Nine was possibly the only U.S. family to field a long-running ball team at all nine positions. 

In the 2018 town election, Hurd received 3,031 votes, second to Joseph Curro Jr.'s 3,366 and A. Michael Ruderman's 1,699.

Hurd's reelection website
Feb. 27, 2018: A new Hurd lays out his selectman priorities

This news summary was published Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, and updated Feb. 28, to highlight kickoff.

NOTE: YourArlington requests introductory statements from the campaigns of all candidates for major offices in the April town election. Please include a current photo (head shot). These statements are expected to be updated as the campaigns progress. Send to sprague.bob at



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