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Dunn tells why he is not seeking Select Board reelection

"I am very proud of what we as a town have accomplished in the last nine years, and I'm proud of the role I've served in," Dan Dunn wrote in a Dec. 22 statement to YourArlington after announcing Dec. 16 he would not seek reelection to the Select Board in the April.

Dan Dunn, 2011

"The list is too long, but it includes building two new high schools and increasing the operational support for education and other vital town services.

"It includes less tangible accomplishments, like Arlington becoming a Trust (sanctuary) town and growing our support of our LBGTQ community.

"I'm also proud of the positive, forward-looking leadership that we've been able to establish in both our volunteer and employed officials. It feels good, looking back, to see the impact of the long hours."

He spelled out why he is not running: "In the last year, however, I haven't had the same enthusiasm for the job that I once did. 

"I lack the patience I once had to do the job well. I used to welcome every question, suggestion and complaint -- they were all opportunities to learn and teach. More recently, I haven't had the patience, and just wanted to move past them. 

"It was a clear sign that it's time to let someone else with more energy take on the role."

What remains to do

Dunn said he is leaving with much yet to do, including zoning changes.

"I'm leaving with the job undone -- it's never done! But I'm particularly concerned with our zoning and its impact on housing prices and broader issues of equality.

"Our zoning is driving our prices up, making our town more and more ethnically and culturally homogenous. I firmly believe that there are zoning changes we can make that will reverse this trend while still maintaining the basic, good character of the town.

"Change requires courage, and I hope Town Meeting finds that courage in coming years."

He closed with appreciation.

"I would like to thank many people. I would like to thank my campaign volunteers, and the voters who supported me, and the voters who didn't support me -- but still kept working to help Arlington. 

"I'd like to thank my colleagues on the board, and all of the volunteers that make the town work. Of course, I also want to thank the town's employees, who are so important and help make the town what it is today.

"And finally I want to thank my partner, family and friends for putting up with the time and energy spent in this role; they all understand why I've done it for so many years."

Indeed, with respect to the town, Dan is not done. He wrote that he would remain a Town Meeting member. "Other town commitments will come over time, I'm sure," he wrote.

This news announcement was published Monday, Dec. 23, 2019.



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