Both sides release statements

Stephen DeCourceyDeCourcey

UPDATED, April 13: First-time candidate Stephen DeCourcey has beaten Robert Tosi Jr. for Select Board in an unofficial tally of the 2019 annual town election Saturday, April 6.

Unofficial results show DeCourcey with 3,554 votes and Tosi with 2,468. Turnout was reported at 19.8 percent of 31,137 of registered voters.

The 1,086 margin was wider than some expected.

In the lone contested race in the election, Tosi Jr. faced DeCourcey for a three-year term. For Tosi, it was his third try for the board. 

Town of Arlington results

Schlichtman's returns by precinct

Robert Tosi Jr. Tosi 

The DeCourcey campaign sent an email at 3:30 p.m. Election Day reporting turnout is "very low." A similar plea came from Select Board member Joseph Curro Jr. at 5:30 p.m. The average turnout in town elections in this century has been 21.4 percent. Turnout in the 2018 town election was 15.86 percent.

ACMi was broadcasting returns as they came in to the clerk's office after 9 p.m., but YourAlington reported the overall results first at 8:55, based on numbers received by the DeCourcey campaign.

Tosi has lost two previous runs, in 2012 and 2014, for what was then called the Board of Selectmen, the last by just 33 votes. He has a long history of public service. See who is supporting him >> 

DeCourcey, an attorney who has significant experience on the Finance Committee, is making his first Select Board run. See who is supporting him >> 

They sought the seat held by Clarissa Rowe, who was named in December after veteran member Kevin Greeley died the previous month. She did not run.

DeCourcey postelection statement, April 12

"I am grateful to the voters of Arlington for electing me to the Select Board. Although the turnout for a local election is often limited, the people who vote are informed and involved. They care about the choices facing Arlington. I want to thank all voters who engaged in our democratic election process last Saturday by turning out in numbers that exceeded all annual local elections since calendar year 2013. For my part, I am honored that nearly 60% of those voting showed confidence in me to serve the Town as a Select Board member.

"I am also thankful to the volunteers – from old friends to people I’d never met before – who worked on my campaign. Their tireless energy and can-do attitude was incredible. Even more impressive is their devotion to Arlington. It’s this kind of hard work and volunteerism that makes Arlington a strong and welcoming community.

"Going forward, I will be an independent thinker who works collaboratively with my fellow Select Board members. To our town residents, I will listen to your concerns and let you know where I stand on the issues. Thank you and I look forward to serving all residents for the next three years."

Tosi campaign statement, April 11

"Despite everyone’s best efforts, we came up short in the final voting. On election night, I downplayed the numbers, but I am honored by the almost 2,500 voters who voted for me, because they believed in me and wanted an Independent voice on the Arlington Select Board.

"What a journey we’ve been on together! Some of you have been with me all my life, while others have been on board only in recent years or months. I appreciate the support of ALL of you. Over 125 different donors helped to fund this campaign. Heartwarming letters to the editor and endorsement quotes moved and inspired all who read them.

"Dear Friend writers, many of whom included personal notes, reached many Arlington residents. Callers spent many nights and days calling voters. Hearty sign holders braved the cold on numerous Saturday mornings and more. On Election Day, some sign holders voluntarily stayed an extra hour or more when another volunteer was not available and some did multiple shifts.

Tosi campaign

"The committee that met weekly included Lisa Tosi-Sasso, campaign manager and No. 1 Fan, coach, cheerleader, and sister;
    • Bonnie Hayner, Website and Database Manager
    • Michael Ruderman, Policy Advisor 
    • Chris and Ethel Doyle, Dear Friends Coordinators
    • Maureen Crewe, Visibilities and Election Day Voting Site Coordinator
    • Tom Kerins, Lawn Sign Coordinator
    • Sharon Prizant, Phone Call Coordinator
    • Bill Hayner and Paul Schlictman, Campaign Advisors and True Town Leaders
    • Joanne Morel, Senior Issues Advisor
    • Bob Radochia, Carole Greeley, and Tim Feeney, Political Guidance Advisors

"And thanks to all the committee members’ spouses and significant others for their help and support. They include John S., Susan R., Joe C., Melissa K., Paul S., Reiko T., Joyce R., and Nancy F.

"Some additional notable volunteers:

    • Maureen Jackson took the initiative to write a letter to her neighbors and hand delivered it to 200 neighbors. While her husband BJ put Tosi signs on his 1955 Ford Fairlane to display around town.
    • John Leonard made his own two Get on Board TOSI visibility signs and did visibilities at various locations and times.
    • Asia Joanna Kepka made her own Tosi window and lawn signs and displayed them around Hardy school.
    • Marianne Comeau and Patrick Greeley did their own walking visibilities up and down Mass Ave, while Bill Hayner did some visibilities at peak times on his own.
    • Bill Logan helped with Facebook.
    • Beth Ajalat was a great help behind the scenes for the rally event, election night event, and so much more.
    • Trish Robertson, Emily Hartung, and others provided editing and proofing for public articles.
    • Szechuan’s Dumpling in Arlington Heights displayed Tosi lawn sign in their front window.
    • One exuberant supporter took his own lawn sign and carried it to one of the debates to show his support.
"Special thanks to my father, Bob Tosi Sr., for his many calls, notes, and other efforts. He did this despite dealing with a spiral fracture to his foot. When I was hesitant about embarking on this campaign due to parent care issues involving my Mother with Alzheimer’s, he bravely said not to let that keep me from running. It still was not easy as she declined and had many difficult days/nights at some of the most inopportune times, but we persevered. 

Looking at results 

"I am still analyzing the results. Our race was the only townwide contested race. Unfortunately, only about 20% of voters went to the polls, despite great weather. With all five of the sitting members of the Select Board, four former Selectman, eight current or former School Committee members and more all supporting DeCourcey, he still was only able to get 3,500 votes in a town with about 30,000 voters. The process was sadly more of a selection than an election, with town leaders deciding who they wanted to fill the open seat.

"If you have thoughts or suggestions on what we could have done better, I welcome your thoughts and analyses.

"I am thankful and humbled by your support. Together, we did everything we could. I met parents during mini-visibilities at all seven elementary schools. I met with seniors at the Senior Center and everywhere I could around town.

"Many contributed to the social media buzz on Tosi. We ran sticker ads for two weeks on the front page of The Arlington Advocate, ran ads on YourArlington and Facebook and sent a robo call to voters’ home numbers.

"We made thousands of personal calls and sent many emails. We maintained a professional and updated website. We sent a mailing of substance to active and recent voters. We ran a professional and respectful campaign from beginning to end.

"Jimmy Tingle, the comedian of 60 minutes fame and more, recently ran for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. His regular campaign speech included how he would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless. I have been doing these works of mercy along with visiting the sick, honoring the dead, and giving alms to the poor all my adult life and will continue to do so with some humor to help as needed.

"Hope to see many of you at Sunday’s Parade, which starts at 2 p.m., or around town through the many ways we all contribute to make Arlington the community we call home."

2 on School Committee

Kirsi Allison-AmpeAllison-Ampe

Leonard KardonKardon

Unopposed for three-year seats on the School Committee were Len Kardon, who received 4,121 votes, and Kirsi Allison-Ampe, who got 4,223.

Also unopposed were John Leone for Town Meeting moderator, who received 4,872 votes; Robert Greeley for the Board of Assessors, who got 4,526; and Gaar Talanian for the Housing Authority, who tallied 4,184.

Read about open Town Meeting seats here >>

The town's unofficial summary records how Town Meeting candidates did >>

Ballot question

There is also a ballot question: “Shall the board of selectmen of the town be authorized to issue 1 additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises?"

The ballot question was adopted, with 3,662 voting yes, and 1,434 voting no.

Town Meeting candidate statements available >>

The Governance Task Group of Envision Arlington offered Town Meeting candidates the chance to submit statements so voters can make informed decisions. The group does not endorse candidates. 

Find out how meeting members voted here and check on the left side for all years back to 2002.

Unofficial results for 21 precincts 

TOTAL Pct 1 Pct 2 Pct 3 Pct 4 Pct 5 Pct 6 Pct 7 Pct 8 Pct 9 Pct 10 Pct 11 Pct 12
Votes Cast 6,158 151 380 194 233 208 193 207 393 306 366 494 471
Decourcey 3,554 76 276 124 151 135 108 120 245 126 221 292 321
Tosi 2,468 74 100 65 67 70 81 82 138 170 134 190 144
Blanks/Writeins 136 1 4 5 15 3 4 5 10 10 11 12 6
Total 6,158 151 380 194 233 208 193 207 393 306 366 494 471
Reg. Voters 31,137 1,229 1,550 1,555 1,425 1,469 1,451 1,405 1,580 1,405 1,543 1,578 1,613
Turnout 19.8% 12.3% 24.5% 12.5% 16.4% 14.2% 13.3% 14.7% 24.9% 21.8% 23.7% 31.3% 29.2%

TOTAL Pct 14 Pct 15 Pct 16 Pct 17 Pct 18 Pct 19 Pct 20 Pct 21
Votes Cast 6,158 267 366 325 149 313 291 243 212
Decourcey 3,554 131 216 191 73 131 155 83 124
Tosi 2,468 122 145 128 75 173 135 157 80
Blanks/Writeins 136 14 5 6 1 9 1 3 8
Total 6,158 267 366 325 149 313 291 243 212
Reg. Voters 31,137 1,424 1,604 1,364 1,447 1,553 1,508 1,488 1,450
Turnout 19.8% 18.8% 22.8% 23.8% 10.3% 20.2% 19.3% 16.3% 14.6%

Candidates' night, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Arlington and Envision Arlington, was held Wednesday, March 27, providing the community with an opportunity to learn about the candidates running for major town offices in April. An estimated 160 people attended. 

Watch ACMi's broadcast here >> 

League of Women Voters' guide >>

Saturday, April 6Blue bar

The last day to register to vote in this election was Friday, March 15. The clerk’s office was open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. that day for voter registration. For additional election information, including absentee ballot information, visit  

Ballot order

The clerk's office drew names for the position on the ballot on Thursday, March 7.

Here is the order in which the candidates for major offices will appear on the ballot:

Moderator (3 years)

John D. Leone, 51 Irving St.

Board of Assessors (3 years)

Robert E. Greeley, 38 Edgehill Road

Select Board (3 years)

Stephen W. DeCourcey, 7 Cheswick Road

Robert L. Tosi Jr., 14 Inverness Road

School Committee (3 years)

Leonard Kardon, 65 Tanager St.

Kirsi Allison-Ampe, 2 Governor Road.

Housing Authority (5 years)

Gaar Talanian, 49 Oldham Road

Town meeting

The order in which Town Meeting candidates will appear is here >> 

Ballot question


SECTION 1. Notwithstanding sections 11A and 17 of chapter 138 of the General Laws, the board of selectmen of the town of Arlington may cause to be placed upon the ballot at a town election held in the year 2019 the following question:

“Shall the board of selectmen of the town be authorized to issue 1 additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises?

Yes ___ No ___

SECTION 2. If a majority of voters voting at the 2019 town election at which the above question appears on the ballot vote 'yes' on the question, then the board of selectmen of the town of Arlington may issue 1 additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises, in addition to the 5 licenses that are currently authorized in the town of Arlington for the sale of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises. The licenses shall be subject to all of chapter 138 of the General Laws, except as provided in this act.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage. 

Some background notes:

-- Select Board (one three-year seat: Clarissa Rowe was appointed until April after Kevin Greeley died; those running seek the permanent seat);

-- School Committee (two three-year seats: Kirsi Allison-Ampe, the current chair, and Len Kardon); 

-- Board of Assessors (one three-year seat: Robert Greeley);

-- Town Moderator (one three-year seat: John Leone); and

-- Housing Authority (one five-year seat: Gaar Talanian, took out papers Feb. 14).

All potential candidates for Select Board, School Committee and assessor have been asked to respond to questions for a brief profile. The following have been published. Others have not responded:

March 26, 2019: NO-SHOWS: The public needs to hear from all candidates

March 18, 2019: Tosi is running to serve as a bridge to old, young

March 16, 2019: Kardon, unopposed in election, aims to see broader financial picture

Jan. 11, 2019: DeCourcey offers long Fincom background in Select Board run

Here is a calendar of legal deadlines or events leading up to the election, provided by the town clerk's office >> 

Learn about elected offices here >>

2018 town election: Curro reelected, Hurd wins, appointed treasurer backed in low turnout

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019, and updated April 11, to add Tosi statement, as well as April 13, to add DeCourcey statement.