Stephanie Lucarelli

ELECTION'S EARLY LOOK: Brief profiles of those who have taken out nomination papers for major offices in the annual town election, set for Saturday, April 1.

Need to get married or renew a dog license? The town clerk's office, on the second floor of Town Hall, is the place to go.

There you will find a staff ready to help you with a broad range of questions -- registering to vote, looking up a cemetery deeds, seeking a raffle permits, providing sources about town history. (If you get a parking ticket, you will have to go to the treasurer's office.)

Among staff members, expect to find Town Clerk Stephanie Lucarelli, the blonde one. She may in her office or out near the desk where the public shows up. She is always ready to help.

That includes questions about her candidacy. In response to those asked of all hopefuls for top town and school offices, Lucarelli wrote: "I am seeking reelection because I like my position and I get to meet interesting people each day.

"There is always something going on in the office, and it is never dull. I am very lucky to have great employees. We are here in the office more often than we are at home. It is like a family."

Asked about her qualifications to be town clerk, she wrote: "I worked in the selectmen's office and then was hired by the former town clerk, Corrine Rainville, for the position of assistant town clerk. Corrine taught me all I know and was a great mentor for me. I have worked in Town Hall for 28 years."

Asked she thought three challenges of the job, and how she would address them, she wrote: "You just cannot walk into this job. You have to learn what goes on in the clerk's office. We have to submit documents timely to the attorney general and do bonding for the treasurer, run elections and Town Meeting. We always strive to do better."

When this spring's Town Meeting gets underway, look toward the stage in front of the Robbins Auditorium, just to the right of and behind John Leone, the town moderator. You will find Lucarelli keeping track of votes for articles, among other things. The 51-year-old has lived in Arlington all her life.

The last time, Lucarelli ran, in 2014, when turnout was 20.08 percent, she was unopposed and received 4,522 votes plus 28 write-ins.

In 2011, in her first run, she was opposed by Jack Hurd, who had resigned his seat as selectman that year after Rainville retired. She received 4,134 votes; Hurd 2,932. Turnout was 25.7 percent. 

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