Hayner seeks 3rd term as budget advocate

Bill Hayner

ELECTION'S EARLY LOOK: Brief profiles of those who have taken out nomination papers for major offices in the annual town election, set for Saturday, April 1.

Towering and affable, Bill Hayner, seeking his third three-year term on the School Committee, comes to meetings with many questions.

He's often earliest to arrive at a session, a habit echoed in the fact that he was the first of three committee incumbents to take out papers, Dec. 5.

Asked why he seeks reelection, he wrote: "I want to continue the work that I have done for the past six years."

As to the three major challenges facing a candidate for this seat, and how he would address each, Hayner provided this list:

1. Increase diversity in the hiring of teachers and administrators by supporting the human-resource director in expanding, connecting with universities and encouraging current students to come back and work in Arlington;

2. Funding for all the upcoming building projects by working with Arlington's legislative delegation so that the town gets the maximum amount for a new high school and to continue to ensure that all spending is accountable; and

3. Maintaining the educational programs that must compete with the overall budget by supporting the hiring of skilled and motivated educators and administrators in their work and to provide an environment that will help them grow with their students.

Budget advocate, qualifications

"I will continue to advocate budgets and spending that reflects the high level of educational programing at all levels of the Arlington Public School system," he wrote.

Asked about his qualifications to pursue these goals on the School Committee, the 71-year-old offered the following:

* Elementary teacher for 33 years;

* Negotiated and maintained teacher and other labor contracts for 20 years;

* Massachusetts School of Law graduate (taught graduate law class for superintendent and principal candidates);

* Town Meeting member for 12 years;

* Permanent Town Building Committee member;

* Veterans' Council member;

* Vietnam Veteran;

* Actively involved in the Children’s Room as a volunteer, he is a VFW life member as well as American Legion Post No. 39, Rotary Club of Arlington and a St. Agnes parishioner.

A resident of Arlington for 41 years, he is a retired educator.

The other two School Committee incumbents, who have also taken out papers, are Paul Schlichtman and Jennifer Susse.

In the 2014 town election, Hayner came in second among School Committee candidates, with 3,131 votes. Susse received 3,646, Schlichtman 3,102 and Michael Buckley 2,268. Turnout that year was 20.08 percent.

In the 2011 town election, Hayner won the third seat on the School Committee. He received 3,983 votes, behind Joseph Curro Jr. and ahead of Heigham.

Town records show 7,466 Arlington residents of 29,038 registered cast ballots in the 2011 election, or 25.7 percent.

Campaign website: billhayner.org  

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