Thorndike Place deliberations continue

Mugar site, Google EarthMugar: Most of it is the triangular tract west of Thorndike Field. / Google Earth

UPDATED, Nov. 1: Final deliberations are underway aimed at reaching a decision about the comprehensive permit for Thorndike Place, the housing plan proposed for the Mugar site near Route 2. Hearings before the town Zoning Board of Appeals closed Oct. 20.

The board discussed on Thursday, Oct. 28, a schedule for deliberating, and sessions are set for Nov. 3, 11 and 16. Register for the Wednesday, Nov. 3, meeting here >>

The target date for a final vote on the decision is Nov. 23.

Read a summary of the Oct. 28 meeting by Steve Revilak, a ZBA member who provides meeting notes as a public service. 

See the agenda document for Nov. 3 >>

Comprehensive Permits

Deliberate on the final decision for the Thorndike Place Comprehensive Permit Application 

The Arlington Land Trust, an open-space advocate, pointed to several recent documents and correspondence at the ZBA agenda in advance of the Oct. 20 session.

  • The ZBA has posted a revised draft decision >>
  • A memo by the developer’s attorney sets out the developer's terms regarding the 12-acre conservation parcel.  Contrary to the original promise to deed the land to the town, the developer now take the position that it should continue to own the land, subject to a restriction on development.  This would mean the “conservation land” would have a succession of owners over the years, as the development is inevitably flipped and flipped again. 
See the entire Oct. 20 broadcast on ACMi:

Oct. 20, 2021: Steve Revilak's meeting summary
Oct. 5, 2021: Steve Revilak's meeting summary

This news announcement was published Monday, Oct. 18, 2021, and updated Oct. 19, to add information from the Land Trust, as well as Nov. 1, to link to a summary.