Zhen Ren Chuan garden, August 2017

UPDATED, Aug. 26: Looking for nourishment? You never know where it might turn up.

Consider the confines of Broadway Plaza. Except for Arlington Alive! the last few summers, you might know the business area near the Central Fire Station for changing storefronts -- Caffe Nero and Twyrl are the most recent.

Take a closer look. Charles DeVirgilio, owner of Zhen Ren Chuan martial arts and Alton St. Boxing & Fitness, also offers sustenance.

How project took shape >>

He points to the garden he and others built in 2009. Maintained since "without any fanfare," he wrote, "this year I have been supplying the local restaurants and people of the community with herbs and fruit."

There include plaza businesses Common Ground, Twyrl, Woo-Ri and Brickstone Pizza as well a Snappy Pattys of Medford.

DeVirgilio made the sign, and Falcon Graphics of Arlington added the lettering. The finished sign cost less than $200. "I just banged it into place this morning," he wrote Friday, Aug. 25.

The effort is part of a larger purpose: "Since 2009, I have been teaching the children and adults of our school about horticulture as well as martial arts and meditation."

This news announcement was published Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, and updated Aug. 26, to add photo link.