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Officer Hogan draws state recognition for saving life

Michael Hogan of the Arlington Police Department received a First Responder Recognition Award for his life-saving actions at the Ed Burns Arena last fall.

Hogan was honored by the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) at a ceremony on Thursday, June 9.

The annual event recognizes members of local law enforcement who have provided life-saving medical assistance to people in need. This year, Governor Charlie Baker was in attendance as the guest speaker, along with Undersecretary Jennifer Queally and MPTC Executive Director Daniel Zivkovich.

Last Oct. 14, police were dispatched to the Ed Burns Arena Ice Skating Rink on the report of an unresponsive male. Upon arrival, an officer discovered a male hockey player laying on the ice receiving medical treatment from Hogan, who was off duty at the time.

Hogan said that while he was skating in a men's league hockey game, a teammate collapsed on the ice. He recognized that the man was in cardiac arrest and not breathing. As the only person at the rink who knew how to administer CPR, he immediately began performing the life sustaining measures. 

While Hogan was administering CPR, another individual called 911 while a third person retrieved an AED from the lobby of the skating rink to give to Hogan. He continued rendering aid to the man until the Arlington Fire Department arrived and transported him to the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center.

"We are thankful that Officer Hogan was already on scene at the time and was able to respond quickly to the situation," Chief Fred Ryan said in a news release. "Because of his quick thinking and immediate response, he was able to save a life, and for that, he deserves to be recognized."

Oct. 15, 2015: Off-duty officer attends to hockey player, 76

This announcement was published Friday, June 10, 2016.



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