Cyclist draws warning after collision with car


Arlington police issued no citation -- only a verbal warning to a cyclist -- following a collision Friday, Nov. 27, at Mass. Ave. and Henderson Street.

At 5:34 p.m., police were dispatched to the area of 100 Mass. Ave., to investigate the report of a bicycle hit by a vehicle. Four officers responded.

A police report provides the following narrative:

Upon arrival, the cyclist was down on the middle of Mass. Ave. at Magnolia Street and was tended to by an officer and other civilians who identified themselves as medical personnel. Arlington Fire arrived seconds later and took over the evaluation of the injured cyclist.

The involved vehicle, a 2002 Honda Odyssey was parked at Mass. Ave. and Amsden Street, and the operator was not complaining of any injuries.

The driver explained she was traveling westbound on Mass. Ave. in the marked lane, when the cyclist struck the right side of her vehicle from the marked bicycle lane. She said she did not see the cyclist make any hand signals before attempting to enter her lane of travel. The driver immediately stopped and waited for police and medical personnel to arrive.

A passenger in the vehicle explained that the cyclist was riding westbound in the bicycle lane before attempting to merge into the lane, striking the right side of the Honda. The passenger did not see the cyclist make any hand signals before attempting to merge. The vehicle had minor damage to the passenger side door.

The cyclist was transported to Lahey Clinic in Burlington by Arlington Rescue. Police told the cyclist's Wife about the incident.

Several vehicles stopped to assist with the incident and the injured cyclist; none of the parties informed officers that they witnessed the crash.

At Lahey, police said, the cyclist was not complaining of any specific injuries but believed he may have a concussion. He said he was traveling west on his bicycle in the marked bicycle lane and was attempting to take a left on Magnolia. He said he signaled a left turn with his left arm, and was attempting to merge into the lane before striking the right side of the Honda.

He said he believes he checked the westbound lane before merging and thought he had enough room to take a left.

The treating nurse explained that her patient had bruises and abrasions on the left side of his head, and had bruises and abrasions on his left shoulder, knee and hand. He would be sent for X-rays and scans to further evaluate for a possible head injury.

No citations were issued. The cyclist was verbally warned for a marked-lane violation. He was advised that he must safely merge into the lane of travel before attempting to take a left from Mass. Ave. onto Magnolia, and not attempt to take the left from the bicycle lane, cutting through traffic.

YourArlington does not report the names of those in a police report in which no charges are filed.

This report was published Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015.