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The following is based on selected Arlington Police Department logs from June 18 through June 24. No arrests were reported. Excerpts from the Arlington Police Department log:

Tuesday, June 18

6:26 p.m. – Bike Larceny. A Marathon Street resident called APD to report the apparent theft of her daughter's orange Specialized mountain bike from the back yard the previous evening. The teen reportedly had left her $750 bike unlocked. Policed asked nearby neighbors whether they had witnessed anything unusual around that back yard;  one reported having seen a shirtless young man, maybe 20 years old, sporting a backpack with a Nike logo, allegedly “herding a turkey in the area.” Could it be that the turkey led the young man to the yard where he happened to notice the unlocked bike? An APD investigation is checking the neighborhood for video footage.

8:32 p.m. – Suspicious Condition. An Arlington man visited the APD lobby to document what looked like an attempted break-in of a car he had left parked overnight on Warren Street. The man reportedly found the vehicle the next morning with a door handle snapped off and numerous scratches around the handle area; there was no evidence of actual entry into the vehicle.

Wednesday, June 19

8:42 a.m. – Identity Theft. An Academy Street resident visited APD to report having been duped at local store. The man stated that he had brought a smartphone in for repair and was told that according to a new policy he would first have to register a claim by calling a specific telephone number. The customer followed the instructions, which reportedly involved his giving out personal information -- and then discovered several days later that someone had made a fraudulent $180 transaction against his Bank of America account. APD is pursuing the matter.

 Friday, June 21

 9:20 a.m. – Larceny Under $1,200. A Gardner Street resident contacted APD to report a package allegedly stolen from her front porch that she said contained a brand-new $1,000 iPhone. She said she had received notification from the shipper that the package had been delivered. It was unclear whether the packaging offered clues to what was inside. Police are looking for cameras in the neighborhood. APD spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn commented, “An experienced package thief becomes pretty good at guessing what a package might contain by how it looks – and maybe also by giving it one or two shakes.”

 7:15 p.m. – Disturbance / Suspicious Condition. A 49-year-old Arlington man called APD to report being screamed at in a dispute over parking on the 1200 block of Mass. Ave.. The man admitted that he had parked his white van in a travel lane that temporarily blocked a black pickup truck from leaving. After running an errand and returning to his vehicle, the van driver said that the pickup's driver reportedly exploded with abuse. After moving his van and making a quick dash into D'Agostino's for another purchase, the van driver returned to find four furious men threatening him, two reportedly with foreign accents. When the man retreated to his van, the aggressors allegedly began pounding on the windows while continuing to bellow insults and threats. Finally, as soon as the man said he was calling police, the four men reportedly walked to the pickup, got in and drove away. When a police officer asked whether he had happened to write down the pickup's plate number, the complainant said that he hadn't thought to do so.

Saturday, June 22

11:22 a.m. – Hit & Run, Personal Injury. A bicyclist put in a call to APD after his bike was allegedly struck by a vehicle whose driver then refused to stop. The cyclist, a 51-year-old Westmoreland Street resident, told an officer on the scene that he had been riding home from Belmont and, as he approached Park Circle, going northbound on Park Avenue, a vehicle making a left turn onto Park Avenue pulled out from behind a stop sign at Park Circle, cutting it too close such that the driver-side mirror clipped his handlebar. The cyclist told officers that the driver then allegedly ignored his waves and shouts to stop and sped away on Park Avenue toward Belmont. The car was described as a gray Mercedes SUV, “similar to a Toyota Highlander.” When asked whether he had gotten the plate number, the cyclist said that the incident had happened too fast for him to record it. Although shaken by the experience, the cyclist said he had no injuries needing treatment and that his bike appeared to be undamaged.

Sunday, June 23

3:43 p.m. – Tree Down / Injury on Town Property. A Kensington Park resident who had witnessed a tree branch falling on a 75-year-old neighbor while the latter was walking on a town sidewalk during the June 14 storm called police requesting that someone from APD check to see how she was doing. An officer visited the woman, who showed bruises and scratches on her arm but said she was fine. The woman also mentioned that part of the branch had struck her on the head but displayed no visible bruises or other marks there. When the officer pressed her about any possible head injury, the woman was adamant that she wanted no medical treatment nor other help. Flynn described her as a “tough cookie.”

 Monday, June 24

 10:30 a.m. – Accident with Injury / Speeding. A 23-year-old Arlington man reportedly crashed his 2021 Ford Mustang into a stone wall on Summer Street near Peirce Elementary School in what police determined was a case of losing control of the vehicle because of excessive speed. Police, fire and EMT personnel converged on the scene; the Mustang's front was badly staved in, but airbag deployment appeared to have spared the driver serious injury. The driver claimed that a light changing to yellow had caused him to “drive faster than I should have” and implicated another car that he said was “taking a turn.” Officers found a witness, however, whose testimony, combined with forensics, allowed them to estimate the Mustang's terminal speed at 45 mph in a 25 mph zone. Flynn said that had the driver kept reasonably close to the speed limit, he would have had no difficulty avoiding other traffic and maintaining control. The report mentioned that the driver had “several other interactions” with local police on his record (no details given). The driver was transported to a local hospital to treat minor injuries; before leaving, he was presented with a speeding citation – and informed that because of his past and the relatively high rate of speed in the current incident, APD planned to petition the RMV for suspension of his driver's license as an “immediate threat.”

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This column by YourArlington volunteer writer Chris Wilbur was published Thursday, June 27, 2024, based on information from Arlington Police Department daily logs and explanations from APD spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn.