Police find BB gun pistol, file charges after argument

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A 34-year-old Arlington man has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon following an argument after which police found a BB gun pistol.

Robert Sampson of Appleton Street faces two counts.

On Saturday, Dec. 12, about 6:55 p.m., police responded to Cliff Street to investigate a past altercation where a firearm was allegedly shown. Five town officers responded and spoke to the reporting party and his son. The former told police he had been cleaning out his deceased aunt's Mass. Ave. apartment for several days.

Snow shovel

The day before, the man who had been cleaning the unit said he told a man who approached that had taken his snow shovel by accident and would like to give it back next day. Returning to clean the unit, he was again approached by the man, later identified as Robert Sampson. Told he had forgotten the shovel, Sampson became extremely aggressive and said, according to the report, "give me my fucking shovel back." The man who was speaking then lifted his shirt, revealing a black pistol grip inside of his waist band, the report said.

Police were informed, but before they could arrive, Sampson left the front of the residence with a large dog. Later, police saw a match matching the provided description and began issuing verbal commands to the suspect to show his hands. The suspect complied and was safely taken into custody.

After an initial search, no firearm was located. Sampson told police he does not live at the Mass Ave. address. He said he visits his girlfriend there and helps maintain the building. Sampson was told that the police presence was the result of a 9-1-1 call involving a verbal altercation where a firearm was displayed.

Asked whether he would like to provide a statement, Sampson said, "Yes, I know why you are here." He was read his Miranda rights.

Sampson then led police to the rear of the residence, where he had where he had hidden a black BB gun pistol in the front pocket of a snowmobile in the shed. Police depressurized the gun. Sampson was then advised he was under arrest for two counts of Ch. 205 S.15B, assault with a dangerous weapon. 

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This news announcement was published Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020.