Warning issued on Snapchat confirmation code

Arlington Police patch logo

 Inspector Steve Porciello, Arlington High School resource officer reports that town detectives have been battling a recent trend with Snapchat.

If you receive an email or text from Snapchat containing a confirmation code, do not forward this code to anyone, he says.

"We have been seeing Snapchat users receive text messages from unknown numbers claiming to know the user in some way or they have a story as to why they are texting them," he wrote in a message reported by Principal Matt Janger. "They then ask for the confirmation code sent by Snapchat.

"The user then forwards the confirmation code to the unknown person, who in turn locks the user out of the account. Once locked out of the account the unknown person takes over the account by changing passwords, emails, phone numbers, etc. The unknown person then threatens the user before posting personal photographs on various internet platforms."

Police advise deleting the Snapchat message.

This news announcement was published Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018.