Rep to be jailed 6 months in Arlington assault

OPINION: Sex and politics | Resign, Globe editorial says

State Representative Carlos Henriquez was sentenced Wednesday, Jan. 15, to serve six months in Middlesex County House of Correction after he was convicted of charges that he choked and punched an Arlington woman he was dating in July 2012.

A Cambridge District Court jury convicted Henriquez on two assault-and-battery charges, but acquitted Henriquez, a Dorchester Democrat, of a third assault-and-battery charge, one count of intimidation of a witness and one count of larceny under $250.

Various officials, including Governor Patrick called for Henriquez to resign. The Boston Globe reported Jan. 16 that House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said he would refer the matter to the House Ethics Committee to begin the formal process for expulsion in the event Henriquez refuses to step down.

The victim, Katherine Gonzalves, testified about the events of July 8, 2012, and underwent a rigorous cross-examination by Henriquez’s defense attorney, Stephanie Soriano-Mills during a weeklong trial in Cambridge District Court in Medford.

According to authorities, the defendant, who had had a relationship with the victim, met her outside of a residence in Arlington in the early morning hours July 8. Following a disagreement, thedefendant held the victim down and punched her in the chest.

The defendant then departed the area with the victim still in the car and drove to Boston. There the victim was able to escape from the car and Boston Police were subsequently notified.  Henriquez was arraigned July 31, 2012, in Cambridge District Court.
The case was investigated by Arlington Police and Boston Police. The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Clarence Brown.The Victim Witness Advocate was Alyssa Donovan.

Following the verdict, Judge Michele Hogan expressed concern that Henriquez was not accepting responsibility for the actions the jury convicted him of, the website reported. Speaking from the bench, she also told him that he should have ended his interactions with Gonzalves early that morning when she told him she was not interested in having intimate relations.

Hogan sentenced Henriquez, 37, Democrat of Dorchester, to 2½ years, with six months to be served behind bars.

Gonzalves, who was not in the courtroom for the verdicts, was in court for the sentencing hearing. She declined to give a victim-impact statement.

In a statement summarizing the case following his arrest in 2012, Middlesex prosecutors alleged that Henriquez picked up Gonzalves in Arlington and physically assaulted her inside the car, grabbed her cellphone and drove into Boston, where Gonzalves jumped out of the car and got help from Boston and Northeastern University police.

In a news release, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said: "This case demonstrates the complexities involved in the prosecution of incidents of domestic violence.

"The conviction of an elected public official, a person who was expected to uphold the law and serve the public, reflects the stark fact that domestic violence can and does happen everywhere in our society. Domestic violence is about power and control and occurs in all our communities, regardless of gender, or social, educational or economic circumstances. That is why we are committed to ensuring fair, yet aggressive, prosecutions, and to leading education, training and innovative prevention initiatives to end this epidemic of violence."

This story was published at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, and updated the next two days.