Third time is a charm for repurposed chairs

Public-arts fund-raiser draws 96 entries, $9,000

The summer-evening light was cheerful, and the estimated 100 people attended were careful as they stepped around the entries at the awards ceremony of the third Chairful Where You Sit.

Winners of the Peoples' Choice Awards among 96 entries in the temporary outdoor art installation at Whittemore Park, in front of the Cyrus Dallin Art Museum, were Anastasia Semash ("Family Chair"), Amy Goldstein and Steph Miserlis ("Throne of Games") and Amy Hoff ("X-Ray"). At right are the winning entries.

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"We have to keep doing this right?" Adria Arch, an Arlington artist who dreamed up the creative fund-raiser, asked. Definite applause provided the answer.

She said July 21 that effort raised about $9,000, including entry fees and sales.

Asked how many attending took chairs from the trash and reshaped them in imaginative ways, a variety of hands went up. See a list of participating artists here >>

All chairs were available for purchase by the public for a donation of $100.

Artists could request 50 percent of the purchase price or may donate the full sale amount to Arlington Public Art.

The monetary aim has been to raise money for Arlington Public Art, an effort that encourages Arlington's artistic community to help enliven community spaces.

A current example that the fund-raiser supports is the painting of six transformer boxes along Mass. Ave. this year with more due to be painting. Read about it here >>

Aug. 1, 2013: More than $5,000 raised

Aug. 13, 2012: More than $2,600 raised

This story was published Tuesday, May 20, 2014, and updated July 21.