Works to add flair to 399 Mass. Ave.

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Four professional artists have been selected to display installations in windows generously provided by the Music Studio of Arlington, next to Helena's.

They are Bill Turville, Jim Kociuba, Kaitlin Longmire and Marie Peters.

The Storefront Windows Project is a pilot program to establish art in empty storefront windows, sponsored by the town Planning Department and the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture. Funding is provided by the Arlington Cultural Council, an agency of the state cultural council. 

Each selected piece will be on exhibit for about two months. The goal is to demonstrate that empty storefronts can serve as a option for display space for artwork -- and it is a way for artists to get their work seen by a wider audience. Further, empty storefronts can become lively and colorful street side galleries, a welcome change from depressing empty windows.

The first exhibitor was Arlington high school student Mary Raboy, under the guidance of art teacher Annie Rebola. Raboy created an installation about mental-health awareness for teens and young adults. Another teen artist will have an opportunity to show their work in this space as well.

Jurors included Martina Tanga, Koch Curatorial Fellow at the DeCordova Museum, and members of the ACAC.

• Successful proposals of installation, painting, sculpture, video or photography will be easily read from a distance, visually exciting and appropriate for the location, a busy main street close to Arlington Center;

• Selected artists will receive an honorarium of $200; and

• Dimensions of the window: 98 inches high by 35 inches deep by 40 inches wide. There is an electric outlet inside the space.

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018, and updated April 19.