Sunday Sept. 21, 2014 |  8:08:04 p.m.
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Proposed cell-phone tower atop Peirce School

From Monday, April 2, to Monday, April 23, published an unscientific poll that asked for opinions about what the School Committee should do with regard to the proposed cell-phone tower atop Peirce School.

Respondents were asked for their top choice only.

Of the 161 who voted in the three-week period, here are the choices and the votes for each:

Accept it for the potential revenue because cell towers are safe: 67, 41.6%

Accept it because of the potential revenue only after knowing the tower is safe: 55, 34.2%

Reject the proposal because of its potential danger to children: 22, 13.7%

Reject the proposal because private cell towers should not be on public schools: 17, 10.6%


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