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    New school year -- old educational questions

    Education. We pretend it begins for youngsters in September, when the leaves turn, but it continues through all of our season, every minute of every day, for everyone. Learning persists for two reasons -- human curiosity and technological change (you can't stop either one, but notice which is first). Shouldn't a third factor be classroom teachers? Good ones can have a lifelong effect, but our curiosity is the best guide, as technology draws us, often in too many directions, in the classroom that is everywhere. As Arlington schools open Tuesday, Sept. 2, what happens there is sliver of the educational story, albeit a key one for residents. Still, let's take a quick look at the new school year -- and then peer more broadly beyond it. Opening-day info >> ...

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    Spaced out? Many artists, but resistant owners

    Does Arlington have the imagination to embrace co-working? The town is trying to find out and held a forum in June attended by about 30 people. Read a summary of comments from some of the attendees here >>  See what properties in town may be available here >> Following publication, Eric Love, present at the forum, provided a brief critique. His LARP Adventure Program, aims to spur imaginations. ...

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    Primary letters -- all welcome -- 8 ask you to vote for Berwick

    YourArlington welcomes letters to the editor from Arlington residents for all Massachusetts candidates whose election would have an impact on the town. Email them to sprague.bob at Here are eight supporting Don Berwick, who is seeking to be the Democratic nominee after the Sept. 9 primary. Send letters supporting any candidate in the primary. 'It's not just talk' Don Berwick, Democratic candidate for governor, speaks boldly about values and making Massachusetts a beacon for the nation. It’s not just talk -- he has met bold goals throughout his career.  Don is a creative leader with wise judgment and deep executive experience in complex bureaucracies, including as President Obama’s head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, that vast $800 billion federal agency.  His vision includes single-payer healthcare for Massachusetts, and he is the one candidate who understands how to make that happen; and, why it must happen, as rising healthcare costs consume o ...

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    Review, ‘Life of Crime’: Leonard’s crew back at shenanigans

    This review by Tom Meek, a writer living in Cambridge, was originally published at Cambridge Day, a YourArlington partner, and is republished with permission. His reviews, essays, short stories and articles have appeared in The Boston Phoenix, The Rumpus, Thieves Jargon, Film Threat and Open Windows. He is a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics and rides his bike everywhere. You can follow Tom on Twitter @TBMeek3 and read more at Elmore Leonard, the beloved master crime and western novelist, transcended seamlessly the divide between pulp and celluloid. His career is littered with great novels that became great movies (“Get Shorty,” “Jackie Brown” and “Out of Sight” to name a few), a smattering of original screenplays (“Joe Kidd”) and even took a few turns as producer. Cormac McCarthy might be his only peer. ...

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    Searching for an Arlington poet laureate: YOU?

    Are you a poet -- and you do know it? What have you written? Anything published? Inquiring minds want to know. Rumor has it that Arlington could have its own poet laureate, perhaps next year. Could that be you? ...

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    8 ask you to vote for Berwick; letters for others welcome

    YourArlington welcomes letters to the editor from Arlington residents for all Massachusetts candidates whose election would have an impact on the town. Email them to sprague.bob at Here are eight supporting Don Berwick, who is seeking to be the Democratic nominee after the Sept. 9 primary. Only candidate to oppose casinos   I write in support of Don Berwick for governor. I support Don because he is the only candidate for governor opposed to casinos. In a strong field of likable candidates, this is decisive for me. I saw the Detroit casino pull the life out of the Greektown neighborhood there, so that it looked like a bombed out war zone. ...

  • Chris Loreti, former Redevelopment Board member

    Loreti to seek Town Meeting article targeting assessors' fiasco

    Loreti The following opinion column by Christopher Loreti of Adams Street was first published in The Arlington Advocate, on Aug. 14, under the headline "It’s Time to Professionalize Arlington’s Board of Assessors." The full column, which includes a paragraph about YourArlington deleted from The Advocate's version, is republished here with permission. In January 2012, the state Department of Revenue provided to Arlington a “Town and School Finance Analysis,” which included several recommendations for restructuring town government. The report contained two recommendations related to the Board of Assessors. The first of these recommendations was that the town make the director of assessments position an appointment of the Town Manager instead of the Board of Assessors. The second was that the town consider changing the Board of Assessors from an elected to an appointed board. The actions of the Board of Assessors in recent months make it clear that the town needs to move forward w ...

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    New law curbs domestic-violence reports: What about sexual-assault case?

    A new law, signed Aug. 8 by Governor Patrick, requires law enforcement to keep domestic-violence cases off public police logs initially, and the Arlington police department is complying. That means details about domestic violence reported to police are not immediately available to the media -- or to you. Had the law been in effect June 1, information about a sexual-assault case in East Arlington would have been delayed. Chief Fred Ryan reached out to area media outlets Aug. 12, alerting them about the law and asking for feedback. He explained: ...

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 Tuesday Sept. 2, 2014 |  5:15:20 p.m.
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Kevin GreeleyGreeley

Kevin F. Greeley is seeking to the Board of Selectmen. In an announcement he made at the Monday, Jan. 7, board meeting, he also addressed a claim that his communications company worked for JPI, the former developer of the Symmes project.

Greeley, the current chairman and a selectman for 24 years, responded to a report in, a blog managed by an owner who remains anonymous. On Dec. 26, a report by "Menotomy Observer" said a $19,000 bill from JPI was owed to Greeley Communications, Greeley's company.

Asked about the bill in a telephone interview on Jan. 6, Greeley said his company has never worked for JPI. "It's shocking for me to hear this," he said, adding he know that such works would be a conflict of interest.

Greeley said he decided to seek reelection partly in response to the issue raised. He took out papers Jan. 2, and since December has said he was unsure he would return papers. Now he will, he said.

Meanwhile, YourArlington has learned that the money may be owed to John Greeley, a special-education teacher in Framingham who is no relation to Kevin. John Greeley worked for JPI in 2007 and 2008 as a community representative.

"I served as NPP [neighborhood protection plan] coordinator and neighborhood liaison for the development team during the preconstruction and demolition phases of the project," John Greeley wrote in an email Jan. 6. "Unfortunately, along with a number of other small contractors, I continued to be owed money for my work on the project."

In a phone conversation Jan. 7, he that when he submitted bills, he did so only to JPI as "Greeley Communications," without knowing about Kevin's company. He said he is still owed $19,000.

Tom O'Brien, a former JPI executive, said in an interview Jan. 3 that John Greeley, who he said is from the South Shore, handled neighborhood issues in 2007-8. He said the $19,000 bill could be from 2008. 

Truepersons bases its report on a document listing businesses to which JPI owed money after it withdrew as the Symmes project developer in 2009. The document was among those that Chris Loreti, the former Redevelopment Board member, received after a 17-month effort.

The report by "Menotomy Observer" includes no quotation from Kevin Greeley and provides no indication that a reporter tried to reach him. Kevin said no one had tried to talk to him about the story before YourArlington did.

YourArlington learned about the document listing the $19,000 in December before publishing the first account of Loreti's effort. The publisher received the document on Dec. 28 from Loreti. In an interview, he expressed surprise at what the document appeared to show and speculated whether this was a reason that town officials resisted supplying the documents.

Redevelopment Chairman Bruce Fitzsimmons has again been asked for an explanation about the resistance to providing the developer documents about Symmes. Fitzsimmons and Carol Kowalski, town planning director, have not responded to requests for comment emailed before Christmas. Fitzsimmons has promised a response.

YourArlington emailed Greeley on Jan. 2 asking what work his company had done for JPI. With no response to the email, a phone call to Kevin Greeley followed Jan. 6. Told about the document, he said it was news to him. "I will make the books of my company open," he said.

Loreti said he also gave the document reflecting the $19,000 bill to Stephen Harrington. Harrington has not yet responded to a request as to whether he was the author of the Truepersons’ report.

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Greeley Communications

Dec. 26: Symmes' developer records released after 17 months
Jan. 3: Greeley takes out papers

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