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Judson PiercePierce

Greeley takes out papers

Three members of the School Committee have taken out nomination papers to seek reelection, as have the Town Meeting moderator and a member of the Board of Assessors.

Judson Peirce and Kirsi Allison-Ampe seek reelection in April to three-year seats, and Paul Schlichtman, appointed this year after Joseph Curro Jr. was elected selectman, seeks a one-year term.

Kevin Greeley, whose Board of Selectmen seat is up in April, took out papers for selectman and Town Meeting on Jan. 3. He has said that he has not yet decided whether to return the papers for selectman. The current chairman, he has served since 1988.

John Leone, the moderator, seeks reelection, as does James Doherty of the assessors, to a three-year seat. Leone took out papers Nov. 29; Doherty Dec. 7.

Bridgett James of 45 Maynard St. took out papers Dec. 6 seeking to fill a two-year vacancy on the Housing Authority.

Kevin GreeleyGreeley

Kirsi Allison-AmpeAllison-Ampe

Allison-Ampe, whose three-year School Committee seat is up in April, wrote Dec. 11: "At this time of year I prefer to focus on family and the holidays with the time I have leftover from doing my committee work. Happy to discuss sometime after the start of the New Year."

Two days later, she changed her mind. While at Town Hall Dec. 13, she took out papers but vowed to do no campaigning until after the holidays.

John J. Griffin, executive director of the Housing Authority, wrote Dec. 11 that at a joint meeting held Nov. 26 the selectmen and the authority's Board of Commissioners appointed James, an Arlington attorney, to fill the position until the election in April. Bridgett was the only person that responded to the advertisement about the position.

Once nomination papers for major town offices, which must include the signatures of 50 registered voters, are certified, then a candidate is considered viable. Nomination papers for Town Meeting members must have at least 10 such signatures.

Asked why he is seeking reelection, Schlichtman wrote Dec. 10:

"I really enjoy working with my colleagues on the committee. They are all smart, talented, thoughtful folks who work well together. The community is fortunate to have these six folks on the committee, and I enjoy contributing to their efforts. I have enjoyed playing a supporting role with this excellent group of public officials."

He also wrote that "a steady stream of people" have suggested he run.

"At the end, I thought it was the right decision for the town and the right decision for me. I feel a responsibility for filling out the remainder of Joe Curro's term. Assuming I win in April, will I run for a full three-year term in 2014? I don't know. I'll let you know next December."

YourArlington reported last May that Allison-Ampe asked five candidates then vying to be appointed whether they planned to seek election in April 2013. "Only Schlichtman said that he does not know yet whether he will run," the report said. "Even so, Allison-Ampe voted for Schlichtman after saying she would not favor one who would seek the seat next spring."

A five-year seat on the Housing Authority held by Richard B. Murray is up in April. He has not taken out papers yet.

Major officeholders whose terms are not up next spring are:

Selectmen: Daniel J. Dunn, vice chairman, and Diane M. Mahon, both 2014; Steven M. Byrne, 2015; Curro, 2015.

School Committee: Leba Heigham, secretary, and William Hayner, both 2014; Cindy Starks, 2015; Jeff Thielman, 2015.

Town Clerk: Stephanie L. Lucarelli, 2014.

Treasurer: Stephen J. Gilligan, 2014.

Assessors: Mary Winstanley-O'Connor, 2014; Kevin Feeley, 2015.

Housing Authority; Daniel F. Brosnan, Nicholas Mitropoulos, Gaar Talanian.

This story was published Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012, and has been updated, the latest on Jan. 3, 2013.

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