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Arlington campaign-financing report logoCurro in 3rd place among selectmen hopefuls;
incumbents top school candidates

The top money-raiser in this year's town election is just 24, but Steven M. Byrne has received $17,645. One of five candidates for the Board of Selectmen, Byrne is outpacing the runner-up, Joseph E. Curran, by $6,263.

Byrne, the son of town building inspector Michael Byrne, drew much his campaign money from a long list of local, $100 contributors. Despite the largesse, Byrne shows expenses of $5,786, leaving an $11,859 balance.

Curran, also a selectman candidate, is taking a different tack in this year's run: He's moved from last year's no-budget campaign to the one who has received the second most contributions this year, $11,382.12. In third place is selectman candidate Joseph A. Curro Jr., with $10,201.25.

A review of campaign-finance reports shows that the two incumbents lead in receipts in the campaign for School Committee: Jeff Thielman has attracted $6,771 and Cindy Starks $5,420.

Byrne's youth may be a factor in one contribution. Former Selectman Charles Lyon, who was first a candidate in 1972 at age 18, gave $300. He is an aide to state Rep. Mark Cusick, Democrat of Braintree. Cusick and his campaign contributed a total of $300.

In previous runs for School Committee, which were successful, as well as last year's run for selectman, which was not, Curran succeeded on name recognition and reputation, particularly among those in Arlington's sports community.

Board of Selectmen


School Committee

Board of Assessors 

This year is far different. His kickoff for the April 10 election was Arlington's first, a well-attended event at the Knights of Columbus in late January. Since then, his campaign has paid for signs and fliers from a steady stream of contributions from unions.

Of $9,724 received plus $1,658 under $50, according to the report signed by treasurer Stephen Harrington, the following unions have contributed: IUPAT District Council 25, in Roslindale ($500), IBEW, Local 103, in Dorchester ($250); Pipefitters Local No. 537, in Allston ($250); Roofers Local 33 PAC, in Stoughton ($250).

Other contributors include William Armstrong, owner, Armstrong Ambulance ($500); Gale Brady, administrator, Armstrong Ambulance ($500); Dennis Corbett, a retired town police officer ($250); Daniel J. Kelly, and Arlington police officer ($200); and Selectman Diane Mahon ($100).

The Curran campaign expenses also topped all others seeking major town offices, with $8,132.84. The costs reflect a broader effort to reach out to the public. Included are payments for banner ads at Patch ($500) and GateHouse Media, owner of The Advocate ($938.70).

The campaign also made small contributions to others running, including rivals: Curro ($20.94), Robert Tosi Jr. ($25) and Byrne ($52.25). Amounts also went to Thrope ($100) and Pallett ($25).

By contrast, Curran's compaign report for all of 2011 shows no receipts and no expenditures.

Here is a brief look at the reports of other candidates, public information that is available at the town clerk's office.


In his first run for selectman, the sitting School Committee member, who won reelection a year ago, has received a good chunk of his donations, $2,878, from those sending $50 or less.

Among those who have contributed larger amounts are Judi Bohn, a former grant volunteer coordinator for the Arlington public schools ($500); Michelle Durocher, Harvard librarian ($500); Lisa Moncevicz, the campaign treasurer and his wife ($400); Sandra and Donald Moncevicz of Sandwich ($250), Drew Hite, a media software engineer for Smarter Travel ($250); Frank Ciano ($250); Joseph and Barbara Curro of Plymouth ($200).

The bulk of Curro's expenses of $6,057 are for printing, from Connolly and Cambridge Offset. He had $784 left over from his previous campaign.


Robert A. Tosi Jr. is fourth in receipts among selectmen candidates, with $6,606, but he has spent a bit more than Byrne, at $5,988. Contributors include $500 each from relatives -- his father, Michele Tosi of Framingham and Carmela Tosi -- as well $1,000 from himself. Others were Christopher Viveiros, lead Web developer, TSD, North Andover ($500), Chris Doyle ($250) and Town Meeting member Mary Deyst, a neighbor of Byrne ($150).

Tosi's expenses are primarily printing, Connelly and Swifty (about $3,450). The campaign spent $570 on advertising in MVS Publications, Lexington (The Arlington Shopper).


The report from Maria Romano, making her third run for selectman in three years, is simple: She lists $2,650 in receipts and no expenses.

Eric Berger, known for his opposition to the Mass. Ave. Corridor project in East Arlington, contributed $500. Peter Rogaria, in realty, added $200. The largest amount came from Romano herself, a $1,500 loan. She had $2,050 left over from last year.


Thielman, who has served on the School Committee since 2003, has a finance report that reflects his connections in low-income Catholic education. He is the president of Cristo Rey Boston High School in Dorchester.

He has attracted the most contributions among school candidates, $6,771, and he has spent the most, $4,036.53.

Among his contributors are three venture capitalists with connections to Cristo Rey schools. They are B.J. Cassin of California, chairman of the board of the Cristo Rey and NativityMiguel networks;
Robert M. Mooney of Ohio, a senior consultant of the Cristo Rey Network; and Stephen Ricci of Arlington, a senior partner of Flagship Ventures of Cambridge. 

Other contributors are Rosemary Croghan of Winnetka, Ill., ($250) and Starks ($100). The majority of his expenses covers printing, by Cambridge Offset. He had $1,861 left over from his last run.


Starks, elected to a three-year term in 2009, has received $5,420 and spent $2,407. Among her contributors are retirees Walter Cheney of Newmarket, N.H. ($500) and Nancy Starks-Cheney of Durham, N.H. ($500), as well as Mary Starks of Arlington, director of marketing, Wolters Kluwer ($500) and Juli Brazile, treasurer for Thielman's campaign ($200).

Expenses included reimbursements to Annie LaCourt, who is not seeking reelection to the Board of Selectmen, ($63.49) and to Starks herself for printing ($2,326). She had $1,174 carried forward from her previous run.


Newcomer A. Matthew Pallett has outspent the funds he has attracted. Expenses outstrip receipts $3,830 to $2,195.

Contributors include $500 from Wendy Pallett of Washington D.C., retired from the World Bank and the same amount from Vincent J. Bono of Milton of 2 N Plus 1 Data Centers, as well as John Ahern of Marblehead ($200) and Alex Nakhtigal of Lexington, trader, Boston Financial Data Services ($200).

The costs were from printing, the majority by Connolly of Woburn.


First-time candidate Jim Flanagan has also spent more than he has received, $2,358.57 to $1,765. His contributors are local. Among them are Joseph and Susan Tully ($350), Marie and Ernie Nawn ($300) and School Committee member Bill Hayner and his wife, Bonnie ($150).

Connolly accounted for more than $1,900 of his printing costs.


Ian Jackson, a computer scientist, has an efficient campaign report: He received $73.96 and spent the same. He spent $67.97 on Network Solutions for his website


Andrew O'Brien, who filed his report April 4, listed no receipts or expenses.


Incumbent Kevin P. Feeley, who has been on the Board of Assessors for 26 years, has raised $300 and spent $132. Contributions came from Mary Winstanley O'Connor, who is a member of the Board of Assessors ($150), longtime Town Meeting member Harry McCabe ($100) and Stephen Gilligan, the town treasurer ($50). The single expense was for a banner at at YourArlington.


Marty Thrope, who served on the School Committee from 1993 to 2007, is running for the Board of Assessors. His receipts of $2,457 include contributions of $1,346 from him and his wife as well as $150 from Joseph Tully and $100 from the Joseph E. Curran campaign. Expenses of $2,244 add up from costs of printing and mailing.

The deadline for filing the preelection report was Monday, April 2. All candidates had filed by Thursday, April 4. Four who had not filed by the deadline were Byrne, Tosi, Feeley and O'Brien.

2012 election information: Town website | YourArlington's election information

This story was published Friday, April 6, 2012. It was updated to correct the spelling of Juli Brazile, who manages the Thielman campaign, not the Curro.


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