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Liquor licenses will go to businesses in the Heights and near Arlington High School after the president of the company that owns Johnnie's Foodmaster withdrew his application.

Among other media outlets, Patch has reported that John A. DeJesus, Foodmaster Super Markets president, broke a logjam allowing acceptance of license pleas by representatives of The Meat House, in the Heights, and Mystic Wine Shoppe, at a former flower business beside Stop & Shop.

The three applicants were among six vying for licenses during the Monday, June 18, hearing, which lasted more than 3 1/2 hours.

The applicants for an all-alcohol package-store licenses were:

* The Meat House, Peter Weissman, owner/manager, d/b/a The Meat House, 1398 Mass. Ave., represented by attorneyMary Winstanley O'Connor;

* Mystic Wine Shoppe, Eric Faiola, owner/president, 901 Mass. Ave., represented by attorney John F. Maher, former town counsel;

* Arlington Wine & Spirits, 3 P Corp., Paresh Patel, owner/manager, 935 Mass. Ave., now Easy Convenience. represented by attorney Robert J. Annese;

* Arlington Heights Liquors, Thomas Vakalfotis, owner/manager, 469-473 Summer St., represented by attorney Joseph Fahey;

* Peter Pan Superette, Radhe, Inc., Nilesh K. Patel, president/manager, 2 Park Ave., represented by attorney Eugene Lucarelli:

* Foodmaster Super Markets, John A. DeJesus, owner/president, 808 Mass. Ave., represented by attorney John D. Leone, who is also the Town Meeting moderator.

Selectmen were asked to vote for their top two proposals. The first round went this way:


1. Mystic Wine Shoppe
2. Arlington Heights Liquors
3. The Meat House


1. Arlington Wine & Spirits


1. Foodmaster Super Markets
2. The Meat House


1. Mystic Wine Shoppe
2. The Meat House


1. Foodmaster Super Markets
2. The Meat House



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