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  • CPA Yes group logo

    Curro support for Community Preservation Act cites transparency, specific projects

    Yes committee logo   The following statement by Joseph A. Curro, Jr. is an extended version of remarks he had intended to deliver at the Oct. 9 School Committee meeting, but that agenda item was withdrawn. He is chair of the Arlington Community Preservation Act Ballot Question Committee. He is a homeowner, taxpayer, father of two current Arlington public school students, vice chair of the Board of Selectmen and a former member of the Arlington School Committee. On Nov. 4, Arlington voters will -- along with voters in seven other communities -- decide whether to join 155 Massachusetts cities and towns in adopting the Community Preservation Act. I will be voting YES on Question 5. ...

  • CPA No group logo

    Community Preservation Act called a slush fund that jeopardizes AHS rebuild

    The following was presented to the School during public participation on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014: Mr. Chairman, honorable members of the School Committee: My name is Charlie Foskett, Town Meeting Member from Precinct 8 and vice chair of the Finance Committee. In 1991, with John Bilafer, I launched the rebuilding of our school system infrastructure; In 2000, Denis Sullivan, Jack Hurd and I secured your support for the Rebuild Debt Exclusion; In 2005, Jeff Thielman, Diane Mahon and I secured your support for the largest override in the state -- all because we supported the education of Arlington’s children. ...

  • Joseph Monju

    Chicken? Garballey says he's willing to debate; Monju campaign answers

    Monju Garballey UPDATED, Oct. 16: Sean Harrington, chairman of the Arlington Republican Town Committee, issued a news release Monday, Oct. 13, that includes an image of a chicken, asking state Rep. Sean Garballey, Democrat of Arlington, to debate his GOP challenger Joseph Monju. Garballey has responded. Garballey said Tuesday, Oct. 14, that he welcomes a debate with his Republican challenger, has offered an Oct. 24 date to debate and was told by the Monju campaign that the date "was not enough time." Interviewed by phone, Garballey said, "Joe has never called me directly .... I'm willing to debate anyone anywhere." Garballey said the campaign's response that Oct. 24 was insufficient came before Sean Harrington, chairman of the Arlington Republican Town Committee, issued a news release Monday, Oct. 13, that includes an image of a chicken. The release asks Garballey to debate Monju. ...

  • Pondering out future

    Guide to town's master plan: Words in progress

    This is the first in a series of articles about Arlington's master-planning process. It was prepared by Barbara Thornton, who serves on the board of the Capital Planning Committee and the Maintenance Committee for Arlington. She and her family have lived in Arlington for over 25 years. Her children are graduates of AHS. She has earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MCP from Yale University, School of Art and Architecture. Her blog, and twitter account @assetstewards report on civic tech, infrastructure, water, schools, public-private partnerships and related topics of concern to cities. Her interests include projects, which strengthen and nourish the important role local government plays in our society, in organizational change and in starting new business ventures. Subsequent parts of the series are published as each is available from the town's website: Part 2: Choices for future land use Part 3: Transportation Arlington is developin ...

  • Film reviews logo

    Review: ‘The Judge’: Downey, Duvall star power makes courtroom flick worth it

    This review by Tom Meek, a writer living in Cambridge, was originally published at Cambridge Day, a YourArlington partner, and is republished with permission. His reviews, essays, short stories and articles have appeared in The Boston Phoenix, The Rumpus, Thieves Jargon, Film Threat and Open Windows. He is a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics and rides his bike everywhere. You can follow Tom on Twitter @TBMeek3 and read more at Star power and cliché abound in this uneven courtroom drama that’s really more about the interactions of the players outside the crucible of justice and how those relations season the “unbiased” proceedings. John Grisham lite or Nick Sparks with some gravity might be the best way to describe “The Judge” directed by David Dobkin. The film’s a bit of a genre switch for Dobkin, too, as he cut his directorial teeth with screwball comedic fare such as “Wedding Crashers” and “The Change-Up.”   ...

  • Coakley

    Environmental support for Coakley

    The following letter was submitted by Catherine Farrell of Arlington: In my career as an environmental lawyer, I worked on programs to protect Massachusetts’ air and water quality and parkland.  Protecting our environment is an issue I am strongly in favor of. I believe that Martha Coakley is the best candidate for Governor to safeguard our environmental resources and lead Massachusetts forward as we face climate change and other formidable challenges to our ecosystems. ...

  • Arlington election logo

    Your letters wanted: candidates, ballot questions

    UPDATED Oct. 2: Do you passionately support a particular candidate for the November general election? Are you a champ for Charlie? Do you find Martha immeasurable? Do you have opinions about questions on the ballot? Do you have specific, fact-based reasons for your views? Let the public know. Right here. You may submit letters of support of any length to YourArlington. You're not restricted by any word limit, as you are in The Advocate. You're also not restricted by any time limit, as you are in the weekly newspaper. You may submit letter right up to April 6, though last-minute unverified claims will draw scrutiny. Tell the public why you're voting for Baker or Coakley -- or anyone else or any issue on the ballot. You may do so in three ways -- by email to [email protected],  or by a plain-text file copied and pasted at Send News or here >> All letters considered publishable will appear on Your View, this site's only blog. Letters will be reviewed for fair ...

  • Friends of Alewife Reservation logo

    The Lorax in us and protecting our silver maples

    David Landskov of Arlington sent the following reflection about the threatened Silver Maple Forest in Belmont, near Arlington and Cambridge. It was written by David Morimoto, an associate professor of biology and director of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Natural Science and Mathematics program at Lesley University. It was published by The Friends of Alewife Reservation. Landskov wrote: "I sent this because it captures the facts, the history, and the feelings that many of us have for the Silver Maple Forest. The SMF is an urban wild, a tiny sliver of a much larger area that was long ago called the Great Swamp. Now it is a connection point for wildlife that students and adults can periodically come and view. Visiting it has a spiritual value that David Morimoto captures in his Lorax piece. "The SMF is also an important part of water management for the surrounding area, parts of east Arlington included. Trees are vertical water storage -- they capture a portion of the he ...

  • Mouthing off

    Trio of issues: Which sing? Which hit sour notes?

    What, no opinion? About anything? Consider adding your thoughtful, honest voice to these three issues at the comment link below. Don't be shy. Sign your full name:     -- Finally, a report is out suggesting ways to fix the 52-year-old Stratton School. YourArlington published first, on Sept. 21 >> So why is there no option for a complete rebuild? Voters were told in the late 1990s that rebuilding was an option. What happened?     -- The Redevelopment Board, which oversees the Senior Center, has put the Council on Aging in control of programs and the majority of space. The nonprofit Senior Center, which has paid no rent, must bid for its diminished space. Is that the right thing to do? If it is, why? If not, why not?     -- Some cyclists consider the Minuteman Bikeway their velodrome and speed like lightning. Should the multiuse path have a speed limit? Should police have an increased presence there? This appeal for your opinion ...

  • Image of leaves

    From Menotomy to Fenway: What's Behind Installed Art

    Poet Jessie Brown and artist Adria Arch, both from Arlington, have an environmental installation on display at the Fenway in Boston following a similar work of art installed last May at Menotomy Rocks Park. Read a news story about the Boston work here >> Brown discusses both: Our Arlington installation was more playful, while the Fenway piece feels starker -- it's more compact, for a more sudden effect. But if you want to know why .... Adria approached me last year about collaborating for Art Rocks Menotomy. (We'd met crossing paths at the park, dog-walking, and at various town events.) ...

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