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 Saturday March 28, 2015 |  1:39:56 p.m.
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  • Town Hal freedom of speech logo

    The case for withholding your vote

    Election Day is upon us Satutrday, March 28, and one Town Meeting member, Wes Beal, urges the public not to waste a vote. If you don't know a candidate, don't check the box. That goes for Town Meeting members who don't show up. Read his comments here >>  On the other hand, Beal is voting for these candidates >> If you want to comment about any of them, you are welcome to do so at the link below. You will have to use your real, full name. Thank you. This link to opinion was published Thursday, March 26, 2015, and updated March 28 to add a link. ...

  • Arlington Avocado image

    Avocado interviews Moisand

    Kurt Fusaris, who writes The Arlington Avocado blog, interviews Alexis Moisand, who is running  for School Committee against two incumbents in the March 28 town election. Fusaris is making no endorsements in any race. See his detailed post here >> This blog link was published Thursday, March 26, 2015. ...

  • Film reviews logo

    Review: ‘The Gunman’: Penn is almost mightier than weaknesses of misfiring action film

    This review by Tom Meek, a writer living in Cambridge, was originally published at Cambridge Day, a YourArlington partner, and is republished with permission. His reviews, essays, short stories and articles have appeared in The Boston Phoenix, The Rumpus, Thieves Jargon, Film Threat and Open Windows. He is a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics and rides his bike everywhere. You can follow Tom on Twitter @TBMeek3 and read more at Sean Penn jumps into the action genre – or that’s the tag everyone’s layering onto his involvement in "The Gunman." In concept the film, a thinking person’s espionage thriller with a serious thespian at the fore and an international slant, has the bones of "A Most Wanted Man," "The Constant Gardener" and even the Bourne films, but that’s as far the genetic similarities go. In the bigger kinetic rendering, the uneven pacing and seemingly smart twists that suddenly nosedive into cliché confine the film much the same way its unin ...

  • Mass incarceration image

    Next steps toward prison reform

    Following the afternoon "Road Map Towards Justice" workshop May 14, attended by nearly 200 people at First Parish, Lori Kenschaft, coordinator of the Mass Incarceration Working Group at the church, has suggested some next steps: -- Senate President Stan Rosenberg is among the featured speakers at EMIT's "Inform to Reform" forum in Amherst on Saturday, March 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the UCC church at 165 Main St. -- CEPS is hosting an interactive conversation about our criminal-justice practices, how they affect our families and communities, and how we can change them in Springfield on Wednesday, April 15, at the South Congregational Church at 45 Maple St., with networking from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and discussion from 6:30 to 8 p.m. ...

  • John Leone

    Open seats for Town Meeting: Go for them

    The following information about Town Meeting openings, which includes opinion, was submitted by Town Moderator John D. Leone, at left, a meeting member from Precinct 8: Town Meeting is the legislative branch of Arlington’s town government. It is made up of 252 elected representatives, 12 from each of the town’s 21 precincts. Town Meeting is the cornerstone of our town’s democratic process; it makes all of the zoning and town bylaws and changes to those bylaws. It controls the purse strings of town government by a thorough analysis of the proposed budgets and capital budgets and votes the final approval of those budgets and their expenditures. Town Meeting debates and votes on the warrant articles that directly affect you and your family on a daily basis and set the character of our town. ...

  • 2015 Town Election logo

    Issues? How to improve town-election discussions

    Psst, town election comin' up March 28. Are you ready? Do you know who are running? Do you know their background? For a host of clues, click here >>  Further, do you know where each stands on issues? Probably not. I know I'm unsure. Why? Because, in general, those who run for offices in town don't define their issues. Why? Because, in general, they don't have to. They need not do so for a number of reasons. This year, lack of competition is one of them. For selectmen, Steve Byrne and Joe Curro seek reelection with no opposition. ...

  • When Town Hall is crowded ...

    Vote for Town Meeting candidates who show up

    When Town Hall is crowded ... Traditionally in Arlington, the focus of political reporting and opinion is on the main elected seats, for selectman and School Committee. Wes Beal, a Precinct 4 Town Meeting member, stakes out his own territory, Town Meeting itself. Read what he writes in his blog about Town Meeting candidates, an oft-ignored subject. He discusses attendance and asks: Does your Town Meeting member show up? Read the full post here >>  Read a news story about Town Meeting attendance, which Beal helped report.  This viewpoint was published Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Your comments are welcome at the link below. You must sign your full name. ...

  • YA logo

    Letters to the editor ... about the town election

    Do you have a passionate opinion about an Arlington issue? We know you have emotions, but can you support your beliefs with facts? The town election is set for Saturday, March 28, and it's season when opinions bubble up and keep out the cold of a slow-emerging spring. Let the public know what you think. Right here. You may submit letters of any length to YourArlington. You're not restricted by any word limit, as you are in The Advocate. You may also send letters right up to Election Day. The publisher retains the right to hold letters with unverifiable claims. You may send letter in three ways -- by email to sprague.bob [at],  or by a plain-text file copied and pasted at Send News or here >> ...

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Zhen Ren Chuan: March Photos

  • 1ZRC
  • 2ZRC

    Alexander in his fourth minute of meditation.

  • 3ZRC

    Juniors line up for their turn as one does a backflip.

  • 4ZRC

    Snow can't stop adults from practicing at Broadway Plaza.

  • 5ZRC

    Mia and Zoe get their belts back.

  • 6ZRC

    Nell, others display Dragon Form.

  • 7ZRC

    Pride reigns as Tess passes her test.

  • 1ZRC

    Aubrey gets her belt.

  • 8ZRC

    Lucas gets his belt.

  • 9ZRC

    Zhen Ren Chuan wants to hear from you. Click here >> This photo series is an advertisement.


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Hockey fund-raiser Shoot for the Cure tonight

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Ukrainian egg decorating, free film, demos at Artbeat continue tonight

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Historical Society: Needlework plain and fancy Tuesday

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Good-choices workshops for parents of 4th-8th graders conclude Tuesday

Pensive girl

Crowd-curated 'Images of Arlington': You choose through Tuesday

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Town Hall exhibits photos displaying recycled beauty

Ellen Callaway

Quick, see 'Prompt' at 13Forest

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Arlington Eats provides meals to students, needs volunteers

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Register for April vacation programs at Minuteman

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Arlington authors go historical at Kickstand Wednesday


Folk group reimagines Lomax in Park Ave. concert Wednesday

Jamye Stone, Lomas Project

Fretbox Trio at Kickstand Friday

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Egg hunt April 4 at Wright-Locke Farm

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Arlington photographer's work at Gallery Seven through April 4

Ed Friedman photo

Tryst extends prix fixe Easter brunch hours

Paul Turano

2 who know Freedom Riders to speak at Minuteman April 8

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Eclectic Boston band headed to ACA April 11


14th Walk for Affordable Housing April 12

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4th annual A-Town Jazz Festival April 11, 12

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Celebrate arts, culture at Town Hall April 13

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Film premiere at ACMi April 24

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FAR out: Earth Day/Park Serve Day April 25

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Torah on Tap at Common Ground April 25

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Can art rock Spy Pond? Deadline passes for submissions

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Need snow-shoveling help?

Snow shoveler

Department of Children and Family Services seeks volunteers

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AHS Pops Concert May 2

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Tufts professor to speak at Freedom Fund breakfast/brunch April 18

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Arlington Commission of Arts and Culture calendar

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Free introductory private lesson on guitar, bass, voice, piano

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Drivers needed for Meals on Wheels

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