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 Friday Feb. 27, 2015 |  7:05:33 a.m.
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  • Kevin Feeley

    Feeley notes 29 years of Board of Assessors' experience

    Attorney Kevin Feeley of 25 Baker Road provided for publication the following announcement of his candidacy for reelection to the Board of Assessors in the annual town election to be held Saturday, March 28: "I have served on the board for 29 years, and during this period the department has developed into a modern, automated, efficient, professional unit that has earned a reputation of fair and impartial property assessments and fine customer service," he said in a statement. During Feeley's tenure, the department has received a very low rate of property abatement appeals, currently running about 1 percent, while the statewide average is substantially higher. The low number of appeals allows for the town to carry a lesser amount in its budget, whereas most cities and towns carry an amount between 3 to 6 percent of its total assessed value. Additionally, unlike so many other communities, the town has issued tax bills in a timely manner every year, thus avoiding the additional expen ...

  • Minteman High School logo

    Minuteman building panel wants to hear from you

    Officials at Minuteman High School, in Lexington, want to know what you think about several options they’re looking at to improve or replace the existing school facilities. "The purpose of these meetings is to inform people about the available options and ask them what they think," said Ford Spalding, chairman of the School Building Committee.Over the next two months, Spalding said the School Building Committee plans to make presentations in all 16 member towns to outline the options and to gather feedback.  One of the first presentations is scheduled at Acton Town Hall on Wednesday, March 11, at 7:30 p.m. Another is scheduled at the Great Hall of the Town House in Dover on Tuesday, March 17, at 7 p.m. Additional meetings are being scheduled. The building committee seeks written comments from the public. It will gather comments at the community presentations and accept comments by email at SchoolBuildingCommittee [at] The committee also designed a brief online ...

  • American with Disability Act logo

    Town Meeting article proponent raises access issue

    The following statement about having Town Meeting consider expanding the purview of the Human Rights Commission was sent to three Arlington media outlets on Feb. 25 by Precinct 13 Town Meeting member Stephen T. Harrington. The writer requested that it be published without change unless an editor received the author's written permission. YourArlington is abiding by that request. The entrance to the Board of Selectmen chamber is a heavy, modern glass door with a vertical bar handle that opens towards you. Entering the main room, residents are confronted with close packed chairs some 40 inches away. Anyone who wishes to address the Board is forced to stand in a corner with just a microphone with no place to sit, rest papers or set down a cup of water. The Selectmen sit in padded chairs behind heavy wooden desks arranged wall to wall, flanked by three town employees seated behind a wooden table to the right. On the opposite side of the room is a table against the wall where ne ...

  • Miles Robinson dunks

    Hoops standouts make AHS history

    Thomas Lee photo On the final day of the basketball season, in a game that made no difference, I came to Medford to scout Arlington High hoops standout Miles Robinson. I came away impressed with the history-making team as a whole, as it overcame cold shooting early and some stout Mustang defense. Behind at halftime, AHS came through. 61-52, with a strong second half from Josh Lee and Robinson. Both scored 18. Numbers rule much of basic sports reporting, and this personal account aims to do its usual number on you. But stats never provide a full outline of a personality. In this case, the reported numbers are less than precise (if you would like to help, see the note at the end of this story). A season's worth of number-laden Advocate game summaries, some hidden behind wrestling and track stories, fail to do justice to this team. In short, this Ponder squad has accomplished what no other has -- league perfection. No AHS team has ever done that. They were winners of their first 20 g ...

  • Joe Daly

    Daly touts background in housing

    Joseph S. Daly is seeking to win a seat on the Arlington Housing Authority in the March 28 town election, and he is unopposed. The seat opened up when Bridgett James decided not to seek reelection after the state last year approved the governor's public-housing legislation requiring a tenant be on the board. John Griffin, authority executive director, has said the state Department of Housing and Community Development has yet to issue regulations about the exact process to fill a board seat with a tenant. Daly, 83, a Winslow Towers tenant, was asked to announce his candidacy, and he provided most of the following information. "I am seeking a seat on the Arlington Housing Authority because of my lifetime of interest in the Town of Arlington, its government and its politics. I stay aware of who is running for what. My senior years have now allowed me the time to do this. ...

  • Ocean wind farm

    Support urged before Cape Wind dies; rally Saturday

    The following announcement was provided by Gail McCormick, whose comments reflect the members of Sustainable Arlington and Mothers Out Front: We don’t have enough wind in Arlington for a wind farm, but it's a wonderful renewable resource off our coast. We need to act fast in order not to lose the potential of the Cape Wind project. ...

  • Jeff Thielman

    Thielman seeks reelection, banks on school experience

    Jeff Thielman of 37 Coolidge Road provided the following announcement for publication: I am excited to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Arlington School Committee. Our town’s current School Committee is a group with diverse perspectives, and we work well together. Over the next several years, we face several challenges that I would love to help address: ...

  • February yin tang logo

    February: A down month's upside

    Had I found success all those years ago, I would not be writing this. For me, Feb. 17, 1962, began as a day to die. A depressed Penn State freshman, escaping Salinger's "bananafish" perfection and fearing the exposure of speech class (students had to get up in front of their peers ... and talk), I swallowed a slew of pills that day -- and botched the job. Over the years, Feb. 17 turned into an anniversary to savor life. The date swirled its memories around me like a tide this month, as the steely grip of winter tightened its fist on Arlington, hit with historic amounts of snow. ...

  • Alexis Moisand

    Candidate offers youth's perspective

    Moisand The 20-year-old Lesley University student who has created one race, for School Committee, in a decidedly quiet town-election season, had just days to collect 50 signatures, but he did it. Now Alexis G. Moisand faces a run against two veteran incumbents, Jeff Thielman and Cindy Starks. "I've always spoken passionately about the need for young people to get involved in their communities, especially local office, and it seems like a good time to practice what I preach," he wrote in response to a series of questions from YourArlington. While a student at Arlington High, he served as a student representative to the School Committee and a student representative on the High School Principal Search Committee, before Dr. Matthew Janger was hired. "I've always been interested in the [School Committee] and all of the good it can do for the school system," he wrote. ...

  • Joseph A. Curro Jr., 2015

    Curro seeks second term on Board of Selectmen

    Joseph A. Curro Jr. of 21 Millett St. provided the following announcement for publication: It has been my great honor to serve as a member of the Board of Selectmen over the last three years, and my passion for the job remains stronger than ever. This has been a very exciting time for Arlington. We have seen an explosion of new businesses. I have been proud of my cooperative efforts with our Chamber of Commerce and merchants groups to support "Shop Local" and tourism promotion initiatives and to advocate for parking reforms and infrastructure improvements in our commercial districts. Our arts scene has blossomed. I have enjoyed working with our creative community on a number of arts events, as the author of successful bylaw changes to establish a poet laureate and promote street performance, and to pursue a coveted Massachusetts Cultural District designation. ...

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Indoor lacrosse is coming next week

Indoor lacrosse is coming next week

FAR out: Chop vines at Blair Pond Friday

FAR logo

'Prompt' to open Friday at 13Forest

13Forest logo

English At Large online auction to start Friday

Auction logo

Good-choices workshops for parents of 4th-8th graders start Tuesday

Pensive girl

Regent: 'King: A Filmed Record' Tuesday

Regent logo

Eye on Myanmar at Old Schwamb Mill postponed

Old Schwamb Mill logo

Town manager to moderator cyclist-motorist forum Wednesday

ABAC logo

Student chamber concert Wednesday to benefit Arlington EATS

Student chamber concert Wednesday to benefit Arlington EATS

Film, improv at MIT postponed to March 5

Arts logo

Harmonators at Kickstand March 6

Open mic logo

Torah on Tap at Common Ground March 7

Torah image

Energy celebration set for Town Hall March 7

EcoFest logo

Arlington photographer's work at Gallery Seven; reception March 7

Ed Friedman photo

Chamber: After-hours networking at artlounge March 10

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Math transition to Ottoson to be discussed March 11

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Arlington Eats provides meals to students, needs volunteers

Arlington Eats logo

Rogers, Garballey, others to discuss prison reform March 14

Mass incarceration image

Eat pie, toast tech in schools March 14


South Sudanese Town Hall gala March 14

South Sudanese Enrichment for Families, Inc.

Want to transform a town box? Send in your ideas by March 15

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Plug in to 'My Sister' March 19 at Robbins

Robbins Library logo

Youth. health empowerment summit set for March 19 in Cambridge

Teen Empowerment logo

Love trivia? Create a team and buzz for March 22 bee

Foxes in Soxes win Trivai Bee

Local musical pros set charity concert March 22

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WHAT WE NEED: 'Spring Fling' concert with Porackova, friends March 22

Joanna Porackova

Thompson to speak about male development at Ottoson March 23

A family distracted

Jason Russell House guides needed; training March 28

Jason Russell guides

Department of Children and Family Services seeks volunteers

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Can art rock Spy Pond? Deadline passes for submissions

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