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13Forest Gallery opened a new exhibit, "Construct, Belief and Nostalgia: how the gallery setting affects artists' intent."  

On Saturday, Feb. 6m from 4 to 6 p.m., "Waxing Poetic," an afternoon with encaustic artist Amy Keller.

  • Sat 2/134-6 pm: Romancing the Square - events throughout Capitol Square
Construct, Belief and Nostalgia: how the gallery setting affects artists' intent 

New work by John CampbellLindsey Kocur and Mike Ryczek

Opening Reception: Saturday January 164-6 pm

13FOREST Gallery has a 500 square-foot exhibition space with movable walls that make it versatile. For Construct, Belief and Nostalgia we're calling playful attention to the gallery environment by setting up the exhibition space as three "rooms" that allow the artists to develop separate themes. Read More 
Above, top left: Instant #7 , Lindsey Kocur, acrylic, spray paint, acetate, wood laminate and mica on wood panel, top right: Gestalt_5 (Brooklyn Misremembered), Mike Ryczek, oil on masonite, bottom, Surrounded, John Campbell, gouache on paper
Waxing Poetic
Come spend the afternoon with encaustic artist Amy Keller onSaturday, February 64-6 pm. Amy creates mixed media work consisting of paper-cut drawings collaged within layers of wax which accentuates the depth that is characteristic of encaustic. Oil stick, silver leaf, metallic powder and pigments are also incorporated into her work. Amy has also devised a technique that renders her original works in miniature but retains their depth by adding a final layer of wax to 4" x 4" prints mounted on wood panels.  
Recent Acquisitions
Untitled (Jungle), Wilhelm Neusser, oil on canvas
Midnight Kiss Navy Earrings, Porcelain and Stone by Kimberly Huestis, porcelain, 22k gold
Danaan #269, Skunk, Castillo-class astrobot, bicycle parts, piston valves, hole saws, copper, bronze, enamel
13FOREST Artists in the News
Featured in the Boston Globe recently, congrats toTJ Kelley III on his well-received curating debut,Your Ticket Out, on view at the Distillery Gallerythrough January 30. As a bonus, both Kristin Texeiraand Dorothea Van Campwere also highlighted in Cate McQuaid's weekly Galleries column.
13FOREST Gallery
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Arlington, MA 02474
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We're rarely in early, but often stay late
Give us a call if you'd like to know for sure 
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